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Over the past year, I’ve written 4 comprehensive “Patient Guides” on how to use medical cannabis for chronic pain, cancer, brain conditions, and more.

These 4 digital packages include extensive research and “insider information” that will help you navigate everything including selection, dosing, and delivery for specific conditions.

So whether you’re worried about chronic pain, brain health, cancer, or over 200+ other conditions, cannabis continues to be a safe and effective holistic solution for healing.

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Medical Cannabis for Cancer: A Patient’s Guide

We’ve received over 2,800 questions on how to safely and successfully use medical cannabis for cancer and we created a comprehensive book to answer the most commonly asked questions…

This Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide is jam-packed with the most up-to-date research and actionable information.

  • How this healing plant works against cancer
  • The different conventional cancer treatments and their respective side effects
  • How to combine your medical cannabis along with conventional treatments
  • How to go the natural route using only the sacred plant
  • How to gain relief from the many side effects associated with cancer and its treatments.
  • After remission, why you should continue on a cannabis wellness dose
  • What life as a cancer patient means for you
  • …and so much more!

Medical Cannabis for Cancer: A Patient’s Guide Digital Book – your complete guide to using cannabis for cancer.

BONUS: Medical Cannabis for Cancer: A Patient’s Guide Audiobook – so you can listen to it at your leisure anywhere you go.


BONUS: The FULL INTERVIEW with Olivia Newton -John and her stunning success with treating her cancer with medical cannabis.

BONUS: A full NEW Interview with top expert Dr. Allan Frankel with the latest information on the sacred plant – critical for anyone with cancer.

The Sacred Plant for Pain:
A Patient’s Guide

  • How to combine multiple treatments into one holistic solution that includes medical cannabis
  • How to use cannabis to treat the seven most common types of pain – including a deep dive on dealing with women’s issues
  • Information about dosing & delivery mechanisms – oral, respiratory or topical and more
  • The two kinds of pain – and when to use the sacred plant to help with both
  • The five types of chronic pain and how to combine medical cannabis with other forms of treatment to create the best results
  • A 5-step formula for treating acute pain – and six treatment options in addition to the sacred plant
  • …and so much more!
You’ll receive:

The Sacred Plant for Pain: A Patient’s Guide Digital Book packed full of tips and recommendations for managing your pain.

BONUS: The Sacred Plant for Pain: A Patient’s Guide Audiobook – – so you can listen to it whenever you’re on the go.


BONUS: full Interview with top pain expert Dr. David Bearman — discover how medical cannabis has helped his patients and how it can help you too.

Medical Cannabis for
Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Other Brain Conditions:
A Patient’s Guide

We received 1,215+ questions about Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders and what can help.

So we teamed up with neurologist cannabis expert, Dr. Daniel Stein, to put these answers to paper. This handbook could save the quality of your life or that of your loved ones.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Which cannabinoid(s) protects the brain, stops out-of-control immunity, and helps control spasms. And which may help slow cancer cell growth.
  • Which cannabinoid helps reduce anxiety and suppress appetite.
  • Which lesser-known cannabinoid helps with gene expression in the brain.
  • Which cannabinoid has a sedative effect. And which is an anti-bacterial and promotes bone cell growth
  • What factors you can change or avoid and help reduce your risks for Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • How cannabinoids can make a significant difference to symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, and slow or prevent further decline
  • Various types of seizures and how cannabinoids can STOP them in their tracks!
  • Which cannabinoids can help with autoimmune disease
  • …and so much more!

You’ll receive:

Medical Cannabis for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Other Brain Conditions Digital Book  your complete guide for treating and potentially preventing cognitive decline, strokes, stress, and more

BONUS: Medical Cannabis for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Other Brain Conditions Audiobook – if you prefer to listen to this magnificent story-style knowledge while on-the-go or relaxing at home, this is it.


BONUS: Expert Interview #1 with Neurologist Dr. Daniel Stein This is a NEW interview that will focus on potentially preventing and treating Alzheimer’s Disease.

BONUS: Expert Interview #2 with Dr. Stein uncovers how to treat neurological issues like Parkinson’s, MS, CTE, memory loss, migraines, uncontrollable anxiety, concussion, loss of sleep, and more.

Medical Cannabis 101
Digital Book & Audiobook

This is the book I WISH I had when I started investigating the benefits of medical cannabis.

And you won’t find any half-baked opinions you can get by searching the internet. Instead, as a patient advocate with over 8 years of experience, my mission is to provide real evidence and guidance based on facts, not fiction.

Inside, you’ll discover:

Medical Cannabis 101 Digital Book  your complete guide for treating and potentially preventing cognitive decline, strokes, stress, and more


BONUS: Medical Cannabis 101 Audiobook – whether you use an Apple, Android, PC, or Mac, you can download or stream the audiobook on your morning walk or while doing chores around the house.


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You’ve probably heard about or used CBD oil… After all, the use of CBD has exploded as the public discovers its ability to reduce pain and other ailments.

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“Can I use CBD with my current medications?” “Can I take too much CBD — or even overdose on it?” “How much CBD oil should I take to start?”


Smoking is not the only way to receive benefit from medical cannabis, you’ll discover 6 other options as well as:


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