How to Avoid & Fight Cancer Using
CBD & Medical Cannabis Safely and Effectively

Taking On Cancer Can Be Scary, Confusing And Intimidating…
BUT, Now It Doesn’t Have To Be! Here’s Why…

“You have cancer.”

These are the 3 words you never wanted to hear from your doctor. You felt that cold shock and sense of total despair sweep over you right away.

And that’s just the beginning. Because cancer is like a savage wind, blowing destruction.

It can feel like everything is falling apart: your body, your spirit, your dreams, your relationships… your whole life.

It’s also overwhelming, trying to figure out what to do to save your life.

Suddenly your doctor is pressuring you to hurry and get surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation… before you’ve even had a chance to think or do any research.

Sometimes they even schedule your treatment right away, without asking you if that time is a good time or if you’re agreeing to their protocol.

And if you do have time to look into alternative treatments, it may seem like there are no simple choices.

In fact, you may be overwhelmed by the huge amount of natural cancer treatments out there. Do they even work? Or are they a bunch of quackery? And what if NOTHING works, even if you follow your doctor’s orders exactly?

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. You don’t have the luxury of time anymore. You need help NOW.

Well, help is here.

As you know, CBD & medical cannabis are powerful weapons against cancer.

And you’re about to discover how easy it is for you to start treating your cancer with this all-natural “sacred plant”. In fact, new science is showing how this healing plant works at the cellular level to help treat cancer….

Harvard Scientists Discover CBD & Medical Cannabis STOPS Cancer From Spreading

As you may remember from watching our groundbreaking docuseries, researchers across the globe are discovering exactly how cannabis works to fight cancer. It also works to powerfully treat the symptoms of cancer and its treatments like chemo. Helping relieve nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and more.

And they’ve discovered 3 remarkable ways that CBD and medical cannabis attacks and destroys cancer.

And the proof keeps pouring in about the healing powers of medical cannabis. New studies are being published all the time by universities like Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins.

Yet despite these incredible findings and rock-solid scientific evidence, you’re STILL not hearing about medical cannabis as a treatment option from your doctor! I’ll explain why in a moment.

But first, there’s something you need to know…

The Sacred Plant:
Healing CANCER Masterclass

This comprehensive masterclass is the first and only “how-to” program that shows you exactly how to potentially treat, prevent and even beat cancer using CBD and medical cannabis.

It’s also the only program that gives you the 2 things you really need to successfully navigate using this healing plant as medicine:

Over 7 On-Demand Modules (49 Lessons Total), You’ll Discover...

Module #1: The Basics: What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

In this module you’ll discover how cannabis works in your body to treat cancer; how to use cannabis without getting high; how to find a qualified doctor; and much, much more.

Module #2: Understanding Your Cancer and Treatment Options

In module #2, you’ll learn the importance of dosages, formulations, ratios and strains as well as the difference between Hemp and Cannabis for treatment. We’ll also discuss product selection including what you need to look out for, how to read labels, finding clean sources; and more.

Module #3: Beyond the Common Questions & Common Cancers

In this module, we are going to further breakdown cancer and how it affects your body. We will go over treatment plans, side effects, and the role cannabis brings to different types of treatment for certain types of cancer. You’ll also learn the truth about RSO (also known as Rick Simpson Oil) and much more.

Module #4: The Body’s Foundation under Attack (Brain Cancer, Blood Cancer and More)

Module #4 is going to walk you through brain cancer, blood-related cancers, bone cancers, lymphoma and more, how cannabis can potentially stop the spreading of your cancer, and the important things you need to know before transitioning completely away from modern treatments.

Module #5: Treating Cancers of the Digestive System

In this module, you’ll discover how to treat cancers of the digestive system from esophageal, bladder, stomach, liver, colon, rectal, and pancreatic cancers. We’ll look at conventional options, how to combine cannabis with these treatments, and if it’s possible to use cannabis as your sole form of treatment.

Module #6: Treating Cancers of the Endocrine, Reproductive System and the In-between Spaces

In Module #6, we dive deep into cancers including renal which is kidneys, thyroid, cancers that affect the female and male reproductive organs, as well as sarcoma which is cancer of the soft tissue. We’ll also cover treatment options, cancer side effect relief, preventative care, and more.

Module #7: Next Steps and Tips for Ongoing Success

In this final module you’ll get support on next steps once you start using medical cannabis; when and how you should follow up with a medical professional; where to go for additional resources; and more.

The step-by-step, how-to information in The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass is available in video, audio, and text formats.

And it’s completely digital, which means you can access it from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone — whichever way is most convenient for you.

The information in The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass is also easy-to-follow and comprehensive. You’ll get the answers and actionable advice you need to potentially treat, prevent and even beat cancer.

And there’s more…

Meet One of The World’s Leading Doctors on...
How to Use CBD & Medical Cannabis
For Treating & Preventing Cancer

We’ve partnered with Dr. Allan Frankel, M.D., who’s one of the world’s leading authorities on treating cancer and many other diseases with CBD and medical cannabis.

Dr. Frankel is an internal medical doctor with over 35 years of medical experience. He’s also the founder of the renowned medical cannabis clinic, GreenBridge Medical, in Santa Monica, CA.

Since opening his medical cannabis clinic in 2006, he’s created the most cutting edge medical cannabis protocols for every type of condition and disease, including cancer.

These cancer-fighting protocols can treat all types of cancer, including prostate cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and more.

And thanks to The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass, you’ll get the answers you need to help you fight cancer.

You’ll have a leading medical expert take you by the hand and guide you as you create your own personal cancer protocol for your type of cancer… so you can treat your cancer effectively.

This comprehensive program is the breakthrough cancer-fighting lifeline you’ve been searching for…

And someday soon you may even go to see your doctor… and discover that your tumors are shrinking… your cancer’s spread is reversing… or that the scans can’t find any cancer at all!

It’s all possible, thanks to The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass.

When You Join The Sacred Plant:
Healing Cancer Masterclass Today...

You’ll not only get all 7 value-packed video modules…

You can also choose to receive immediate access to 6 Coaching Q&A Replay sessions with Dr. Frankel and John Malanca.

During these Q&As, you’ll get answers to questions from hundreds of cancer patients just like you with real solutions for preventing and treating cancer. 

You’ll absolutely love these Q&A replay sessions.

They’re a treasure trove of answers and actionable advice on a much deeper level on how to use medical cannabis to treat each specific type of cancer and preventative measures as well.

And you’ll receive access to these pre-recorded Q&A sessions, as well as transcripts, as a special bonus for ordering The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass today.

Plus You'll Also Receive...
Instant Access to 10 FREE Bonus Gifts!

When you order The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass through this exclusive offer, you’ll also get instant access to these 10 instant bonus gifts…

Pre-Recorded Interview with Dr. Allan Frankel (video, audio and transcript)

In this interview, Dr. Frankel talks about how medical cannabis works to treat cancer. You’ll hear about CBD and THC, micro-dosing, the problems with hemp, and much more.

You’ll receive these interviews in video, audio, and text formats. That way you can enjoy them in whatever way is most convenient for you.

3 Cancer Patient Success Interviews (videos, audios and transcripts)

Men and women all around the world are already using medical cannabis to treat their cancer and prevent it from ever coming back.

We’ve handpicked 3 stories from The Sacred Plant Community to help you see what’s possible with medical cannabis including Olivia Newton-John.

4 Expert Interviews (video, audio, and transcript) (video, audio and transcript)

In these exclusive interviews you’ll hear from four of the world’s leading experts on treating cancer with medical cannabis including “Amazon” John Easterling, Ty Bollinger, Chris Wark, and “Health Ranger” Mike Adams.

You’ll discover why self-medicating with medical cannabis is a mistake, how cannabis selectively targets and kills cancer cells, and much more.

Key Takeaways & Index of All 7 Modules

You’re going to love this. We’re putting together a “Best Of” golden nuggets from all 7 masterclass modules.

These are the key takeaways that zero in on the most valuable points from each module. Think of it like a Cliff Notes “Cheat Sheet” that gets right to the heart of the Healing Cancer Masterclass.

That’s a total of 10 FREE bonus gifts you’ll receive when you order The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass today.

As you can see, we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure this resource answers every question and provides everything you need to potentially prevent, treat and even beat cancer with medical cannabis.

And Best Of All, You Can Try It Today With…
Our Special Preview Party Discount!

By now, you may be wondering what it costs to join The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass during this special limited time discount.

Well, we’ve invested hundreds of hours researching and creating the 7 modules, 6 Q&As and 10 additional bonus gifts you’ll receive.

We’ve seen other health-related masterclasses with a fraction of the information included in ours selling for $2,000 to $3,000.

And remember, in addition to the 7 modules and 10 bonus gifts, you can choose to receive the 6 coaching Q&A replays with Dr. Frankel.

A single doctor’s visit costs an average of $350. That means your 6 Q&A sessions with Dr. Frankel are worth over $2,000 alone.

So when you consider all the modules, bonuses, and coaching Q&As you’ll receive, The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass is conservatively valued at around $4,000!

BUT, we know pricing this Masterclass at $4,000 would mean most people couldn’t afford it…

And the last thing we want is for price to stop people from accessing this life-changing and potentially life-changing resource.

Currently, The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass is available at the retail price of $497 to folks outside our community.

But for a limited time only, we’ve put together a special package exclusively for you during our complimentary Preview Party (happening now).

All 7 modules in The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass… the 6 pre-recorded Q&A sessions with Dr. Frankel… and the 10 additional bonus gifts… they’re all yours for a one-time payment of just $97 (savings of $400)

Or, you can choose to receive the 7 modules only (without the Q&A sessions) for a one-time payment of only $47.

That’s up to 90% OFF the retail price!

PLUS… we want you to rest easy, so we’re giving you a full 180-days to try the Masterclass because we know you’re going to love it. But if for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 180 days. 

No questions asked, no exceptions, no fine print.

But please keep in mind, you can only get this discounted price, 180-day guarantee — as well as instant access to the 6 Q&A coaching replays calls PLUS the LIVE coaching call with Dr. Frankel — when you order right now.

Modules Only
Healing Cancer Masterclass

$497 $47

  • Instant online access to The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass
  • 7 On-Demand Modules (49 Video Lessons, Audio, Transcripts)
  • 10 Instant Bonus Gifts
  • 180-Day, 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
  • Savings of $450

Modules + Q&As
Healing Cancer Masterclass

$497 $97

  • Instant online access to The Sacred Plant: Healing Cancer Masterclass
  • 7 On-Demand Modules (49 Video Lessons, Audio, Transcripts)
  • 6 Pre-Recorded Q&A Sessions 
  • 10 Instant Bonus Gifts
  • 180-Day, 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
  • Savings of $400

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