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How a daily cup of a 15,000 year old Himalayan Mountain Tea helped Cindy not just fight, but BEAT her throat, tongue, and breast cancer…

And how YOU can start using it in the next 24 hours to cut your risk of cancer in half!

“You have cancer.”

The words cut into Cindy like a knife.

She was only 19 years old for Pete’s sake!

But cancer doesn’t discriminate.

And once she had it?

Cindy’s life would never be the same.

Immediately following her doctor’s appointment…

She began radiation therapy to treat the cancers in her blood, her breasts, and her tongue and throat.

Radiation so strong, it burned away the flesh around Cindy’s mouth.

Permanently melting away a section of her jaw…

And leaving doctors with no other option but to surgically remove a piece of her face.

Leaving an open wound that not only made it painful and difficult for Cindy to speak…

But leaving her on a permanent feeding tube.

Meaning she would never again be able to try a new restaurant in town with her husband…

Enjoy a glass of wine after a long day…

Or even be able to cut and eat a slice of her own birthday cake.

Truly if it had just been that…

We think you’d agree that things were bad enough.

But Cindy’s problems didn’t stop there…

As the toxic chemotherapy treatments would leave Cindy a shell of her normal self…

Causing her to deal with almost 24/7 stomach cramps and nauseousness…

Mind-splitting migraine headaches…

Soul-crushing depression…

Inescapable anxiety…

She’d joke that it was easier to list off the symptoms she didn’t have…

Rather than talk about the ones she did.

But for Cindy…

The thing she truly missed out on…

Was the time spent with her family.

The pain from the cancer and treatment left her bedridden…

Sometimes for days on end…

Making it impossible to do things like sit and play with her 3 young kids…

To enjoy time sitting with her loving husband…

Or able to do much of anything…

Except sit in bed with the pain and cramps and nausea…

And watch as her life slowly passed her by.

As it does for many people…

Cancer was stealing Cindy’s chance at a normal life…

Leaving her feeling hopeless…


And with no chance of getting out of this mess.

And yet…

Thanks to an incredible Himalayan plant Cindy turned into a healing tea…

Today, Cindy is cancer-free.

And not just free of cancer…

But free of her nausea…

Free of her migraine headaches…

Free of her anxiety and depression…

And free to finally start living her life.

Within weeks of her drinking this incredible tea…

The raw and infected tissue around her mouth and neck started to heal…

The unrelenting fibromyalgia, neck, and shoulder pain disappeared…

And Cindy was able to get off ALL her medication…

Leaving her for the first time since she was 19 years old…

Able to enjoy days without pain…

Able to spend time playing with her kids and sitting with her husband…

And able to live her life the way she wanted to.

And today…

You’re going to find out the secret behind this incredible Himalayan treatment. And how you can use it to:

So what is this Himalayan plant?

We’re talking about something you may have heard more about in the news recently, the 5,000-year-old healing wonder, the cannabis sativa plant.

More specifically, we’re talking about compounds from the plant called cannabinoids like CBD.

But first, there’s something you need to know, mostly because you’re doctor doesn’t…

Pitfalls of Conventional Medicine

Most doctors and oncologists don’t know enough about this plant to guide you with proper doses.

A study of 237 oncologists found that a whopping 80% recommend cannabinoid protocols to their patients but only 30% could offer any guidance.

Mostly, because they have no formal education on the medicinal application of the plant.

Many doctors won’t even talk to you about it. Some because they’re still under a shroud of stigma or laws, insurance, or institution restrictions.

Since these laws won’t change overnight, it leaves you struggling for much-needed answers… NOW.

But, many of our followers have labored with tremendous difficulty through trial-and-error on their own.

Not only with finding the right plant formulations… and dosing… but with dealing with the stigma and reaction from family and friends after deciding to use this healing plant to fight their cancer.

Over 80 years of politically motivated scaremongering and falsely classifying this soothing plant as a dangerous drug has run deep into our psyche.

Fact: It’s Medicinal and it’s SAFE

Dr. Dustin Sulak, Osteopath and medical cannabinoid expert from Maine insists:

“It’s NOT a recreational plant – it’s MEDICINAL.”

Dr. Sulak goes on to say that, “If a child took 1000 times his usual dose… no toxicity, no brain damage, no organ damage.”

So, even at high doses, cannabinoid use is 100% safe.

Even Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the multiple Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent for CNN… who had been outspoken against the use of cannabinoids for a long time. He too could no longer ignore the mountains of evidence and powerful benefits of this sacred plant.

In 2013, in a full documentary, Dr. Sanjay Gupta publicly rejected everything he once said about cannabinoids…

“We can’t ignore it any longer. It is the answer we’ve all been looking for. America has been terribly and systematically misled for 70 years.”

The Honorable Francis Young is the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). On record, he says that the sacred plant is much safer than many foods we usually eat. And that natural medical cannabis is one of the safest therapies known to man.

And new data about the sacred plant flows in all the time…

Avalanche of Research and Evidence​

Plus 7 Most Powerful Cancer-Fighting Compounds

There are thousands of published research studies proving the effectiveness of some of the 113+ cannabinoids and 200+ terpenes found in the sacred plant when it comes to treating cancer…

These include highly-respected medical sites and institutions such as PubMed, Journal of Medical Association (JAMA), National Institute of Health Sciences, Lancet, National Institute of Health (NIH), University of California (UCLA), and many more  with new information coming in all the time.

An international team of researchers discovered that other constituents in the sacred plant shrinks tumors. It blocks the blood supply to cancer cells starving it to death and sending it into self-suicide aka apoptosis.

At the very least, scientists agree that one of the main reasons cannabinoids may prevent cancer is due to their well-documented ability to reduce inflammation (how most cancers start).

In part, certain sacred plant cannabinoids and terpenes lower inflammation by reducing stressors caused by toxins and other harmful microbes.

And this is what enables your immune system to regulate the appropriate response to cancer and other diseases where it otherwise wouldn’t.

Research shows that over 15 constituents within the sacred plant have powerful anti-inflammation properties. Here are the top 7 cannabinoids and terpenes for fighting cancer…

Any formulation that includes these compounds will strongly increase the chances of a successful treatment. But remember, by using all of these compounds together in a whole-plant formulation…

You not only lower inflammation, but you’ll also receive many side benefits such as improved mood, alertness, and overall feelings of wellness that you likely won’t receive with isolates or synthetics.

And this is important because cancer can devastate your energy levels and stress your body’s systems leaving you weakened and depressed.

Adding a cannabinoid-rich application to your fight helps you retain your quality-of-life to a level where you can continue to do the things you need to get done.

Like how it rebuilt Cindy Liceaga’s health and restored her strength so she can take care of her family and enjoy life… I’m here to bring you the life-saving information you need NOW so you can have the same positive results.

The Inner Healer Within Us

Along with the systems in your body like the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, and so on… you also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS’s role is to help all these systems communicate with each other like an alarm system.

For example, if your nervous system gets overactivated an alarm goes off and your ECS instructs it to calm down.

When you get sick, especially with something like cancer, your systems can go a bit haywire and run sluggish.

Your ECS gets overwhelmed and can’t handle all the alarms going off.

This makes it very difficult for your body to function optimally and heal itself.

The cannabinoids in cannabis sativa fit together like puzzle pieces providing a big boost to your sluggish ECS bringing your systems to full capacity.

Hemp and cannabis bring the unbalanced into balanced again and helps your body heal itself.

Before making any decisions, you should be familiar with the various ways to go about using the sacred plant for your cancer treatment.


Stay Ahead of a Diagnosis...
The Sacred Plant for Cancer Prevention?

Yes, there is growing evidence that shows cannabinoids
and terpenes may help PREVENT the growth of cancer.

A report published by the International Society of Urology followed a group of over 84,000 men between the ages of 45-69 over an 11-year period.

They observed that the men who regularly used cannabinoid-rich applications had a 45% reduction in bladder cancer occurrence compared to those that didn’t.

And another study, published in the European Journal of Pharmacology, showed that terpenes including Humulene, Limonene, and Pinene all help prevent tumor growth when included alongside THC, thanks to the entourage effect

The entourage effect is the theory that all compounds in cannabis sativa work better together than when taken alone.

Which is why, if you’re looking for relief of something as serious as cancer, you should be looking at whole plant solutions.

Of course, these are just two of many examples, but due to this growing evidence of being proactive in nature… many experts are now looking at the sacred plant as a real preventative to cancer (and its recurrence).

Instead of being reactive, the sacred plant puts your body in a “protective state” to help stop cancer cells from being created in the first place.

Here are 5 strong examples of HOW this works and WHY it’s important…

In addition to these 5 ways medical cannabinoids can lower your risk of cancer, there are several compounds found in the plant that are known to help with inflammation (again, the root cause of most cancers).

How to Kill Cancer Cells &
Stop Them From Spreading?

Did you know that cannabis sativa and its components have been shown to not only stop cancer cells from growing, but to kill them? Breast cancer survivor Kristin Rosenqvist (pictured) had these results.

After having a negative experience with allopathic treatments for her first bout of cancer, there was no way she was going to go back down that route when cancer showed up again for her.

Through her diligence of using the information shared from our experts, she was able to take that information and beat her cancer within months!

We learn from the research as well, such as with the National Cancer Institute (the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training) has a report about 34 preclinical studies on cancer.

In this report, the authors state, “…all but one study confirmed that cannabinoids selectively kill tumor cells.

There are many other studies that show that cannabis sativa and its phytochemicals and compounds also kill other types of cancer cells. These include breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer and many more.

How is this possible?

What is inside the plant that infiltrates cancer cells and “turns off” their growth signal and power?

Phytocannabinoid molecules display “anti-tumor properties” and have “impressive anti-cancer activities”, according to researchers in labs around the world.

One of the ways scientists believe cannabinoids and terpenes can kill and stop cancer is by disrupting signals to cell pathways that otherwise allow cancer to grow and spread. They can even affect DNA, turning off cancer triggers.

What are some ways these constituents of the plant stop cancer from spreading, shrink tumors and reduce cancer recurrence? Here are the top 4 ways…

To find out more about how the sacred plant helps prevent and treat cancer, and a step-by-step guide on how to use it…

We go deep into the latest research in our book Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide. It’s on sale right now for a very limited time at 75% off the retail price.

Claim your copy below right now…

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The Cancer Patient’s Guide to The Sacred Plant

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Answers to Your Most Burning Questions

We’ve received 2,801 questions on how to safely and successfully use cannabis sativa for cancer and we created a comprehensive book to answer the most commonly asked questions…

Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide is jam-packed with the most up-to-date research and actionable information.

It’s a treasure trove of guidance to help you start right away. And to help you feel better during this time by relieving the devastating symptoms.

You’ll find specific details on the sacred plant and how to use it.

How Cannabinoids Manage The Many Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Fighting Your Cancer Together Hand-in-Hand!

One of the most beneficial ways cannabis helps with cancer is with symptom relief.

Most of these symptoms are a result of side effects of conventional treatment such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation because of how toxic and unpredictable they can be.

It would take a cascade of pills to relieve all of these symptoms, some of which may not be possible because of potential negative reactions with the chemotherapy itself. And that’s why more and more patients are approaching their doctors about using the sacred plant for symptom relief.

Cannabinoids and terpenes have been shown in clinical trials to help with:

Many patients and doctors alike have found that CBD, CBDa, THC (even the small amounts found in hemp), THCa, THCv, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, and more…

Help to reduce or eliminate the side effects of these treatments, which is important for you to thrive in your daily life, all while being on often difficult treatment protocols.

But when using a whole-plant formulation, you can experience all the benefits with a single medicine that works with chemotherapy instead of against it.

And with these intolerable side effects reduced, you’ll be able to better tolerate chemotherapy and decrease your chances of remission, all while continuing to live your life.

To learn more about how to relieve symptoms of conventional cancer treatments with the sacred plant…

You’ll find all the latest research in my book Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide, which is on sale for a very limited time at 75% off the retail price.

How Cannabinoids Relieve Cancer Pain

There’s no denying patient claims that “cancer sucks.”

It comes with pain that is exhausting and relentless. Most cancer pain is caused by the tumor pressing on your bones, nerves, or other organs in the body. Other times it’s due to chemotherapy treatment.

Either way, these aches and pains can affect everything from your sleep, emotional state, and appetite… to even the simplest tasks in your daily routine.

But you don’t have to live this way, nor do you need toxic doses of addictive opioids to provide relief from cancer pain.

Dr. David Bearman (pictured), a pain management specialist and a pioneer in cannabinoid treatment in Goleta, California explains…

“By reducing the cancer pain signals in your body, the powerful analgesic effects of cannabinoids can offer major relief. And this provides a better quality of day-to-day living with minimal pain and improved mental state, all of which aids healing.”

The most effective cannabinoids for pain are CBD, THCa, THC and Myrcene. However these are just a few of many that contribute to relieving the excruciating pain that comes from having cancer.

Dr. Bearman and other experts suggest starting with 1-2 mg of 1:1 whole-plant CBD:THC and working up slowly from there. But only take Myrcene at night, as it’s a very powerful sedative that helps you sleep.

And Relief Can Happen Fast!

Before you know it…

As you continue to heal and your cancer shrinks…

To discover more about treating the pain and symptoms associated with cancer and/or chemotherapy…

You’ll find all the latest research in my book Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide, which is on sale now for a very limited time at 75% off.

Claim your copy now or continue reading below…

How Cannabinoids Make
Chemotherapy Even More Effective​

As more and more patients are starting to approach their doctors about the sacred plant, many proceed with using it in combination with conventional treatment to handle side effects like nausea, pain and reduction in bowel control.

The reason for these side effects? Chemo has no sense of direction and goes on a rampage throughout your body. Healthy cells, cancerous cells… chemotherapy does not discriminate.

But research shows that the sacred plant helps the chemo drugs get to where they need to go, almost like a road map or GPS. In this way, the chemo drugs will only go into the cancer cells and bypass your normal cells.

Young Olly, when he was 2 years old, with the help of his mother Shannan, is one of those sacred plant patients whose CT scans have turned the head of doctors at the state of the art disease research hospital, City of Hope in Southern California.

Olly’s story resonates with National Cancer Institute reports that state “CBD together with THC may enhance the anti-tumor activity of classic chemotherapeutic drugs.”

CBD, in particular, has been noted to increase the uptake of chemotherapy drugs into cells — meaning CBD (and cannabis sativa as a whole) makes chemotherapy more effective.

The Sacred Plant Increases
Treatment Tolerance

That’s right. Not only does the sacred planthelp to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy as well as make it more effective, it also increases your tolerance to these toxic drugs.

The side effects patients experience with conventional cancer treatments can make it unbearable.

The burns from chemo and radiation, as well as the well-known nerve damage known as neuropathy, can lead doctors to lower doses to a point that it is simply ineffective…

And this leads patients to reluctantly give up on treatment because instead of the treatment saving their lives, it’s giving them more ailments than relief!

Dr. Allan Frankel (pictured), a frequent expert at The Sacred Plant, shared a story where a fellow doctor with over 10 years as an oncologist was left astounded.

He shared that in using CBD in conjunction with an extremely toxic but effective chemotherapy drug, his patient had zero neuropathy.

This doctor told Dr. Frankel that in all his years using that chemotherapy drug, this was the only patient that did not have painful neuropathy. But that’s because he was the only patient that  used the sacred plant alongside that chemotherapy drug.

Dr. Frankel himself reports that he’s actually seeing more and more cases of whole-plant cannabinoids working in tandem with chemotherapy and other therapies, allowing these chemotherapy drugs to not only be more effective, but for doctors to continue giving the necessary life-saving doses.

For more details on how the sacred plant can help you or a loved one treat cancer and a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how best to use it…

You’ll find everything you need to know inside our book Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide, which is on sale now at 75% OFF today only. You’ll also receive…

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BONUS #2: Olivia Newton-John Full Interview (Video, Audio, Transcript)

Singer-actress Olivia Newton-John explains how previously using only conventional medical treatments against her cancer had ruined her health and energy. With her latest battle against cancer, she’s chosen only natural treatments including good nutrition, meditation, and the sacred plant. It’s rebuilt her health and Olivia is thriving and vibrant.

BONUS #3: John Easterling Full Interview (Video, Audio, Transcript)

Full interview with top herbal expert and cancer caretaker, John “Amazon John” Easterling with how he’s successfully treating his wife, Olivia Newton-John’s cancer with cannabis and the latest research in cannabinoids for cancer. Together, Olivia and John are starting a cancer and cannabis study at ONJ Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

BONUS #4: Interview with Dr. Frankel (Video, Audio, Transcript)

Dr. Frankel has over 35 years of medical experience and 13 years as a medical cannabis expert. His insight and knowledge are substantial and provide positive benefits to thousands.

He shares with you how the sacred plant can help your fight with cancer, and how, in some cases, blast cancer from existence. See how his many cancer patients… people just like you… have benefited from this healing plant.

BONUS #5: NEW Cancer Patient Interview (Video, Audio, Transcript)

You’ll also get lifetime access to a brand new full-length interview with cancer patient and cannabis coach Elise Keller.

Elise discusses her symptoms and diagnosis, the family support she got to grow her own cannabis and create her own oil, and shares how she transitioned from patient to coach given her desire to help other women and men.

These priceless resources will save you the precious time of fumbling through the muddled internet. And they will provide you with the critical information you need NOW.

Actionable steps. Actual doses for specific cancers. How to start from point “A” if you’re new to this process and get you to the FINISH line. And they’ll explain what options are available to you.

Because some doctors will just point you in one direction – NO options.

This is your opportunity to take charge of the path of your health and the quality of your life.

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Are you ready to discover how simple and easy it can be to use the sacred plant to help prevent and treat cancer?

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The Cancer Patient’s Guide to The Sacred Plant

Yes! I Want To Discover Exactly How
The Sacred Plant Can Help Me Beat Cancer

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