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Hi it’s John Malanca. Thank you SO much for joining our movement and supporting our mission. With your help, we can now further support you, your loved ones and people everywhere with this life changing and life saving information.

I want to congratulate you on making a great decision to be a part of this important mission. You now have unlimited access to the awareness, knowledge, and information at your fingertip to prevent, treat, and even beat life altering and life threatening diseases.

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How Would You Like to Meet Some of the Doctors,
Experts, and Survivors From the Docuseries…

And Have Them Answer Your Questions
About The Sacred Plant?

I’ve got a very special opportunity for you that you don’t want to miss.

See, we received hundreds of questions about the Sacred Plant from viewers like you…questions about dosage, uses, specific treatments for certain illnesses, and many other topics.

So here’s what I did…

I’ve arranged for many of the experts and patients from the docuseries to be available in a series of LIVE Interactive Q&A Video Calls online and help you with questions and concerns you have about medical cannabis.

You get to personally ask them YOUR questions.

You’ll get to spend actual online face time with these brilliant minds and courageous survivors as they answer your question and questions from other people looking for answers for themselves or their loved ones.

And this is not just a one-time call.

These experts, doctors, and survivors will be available for you for 7 CALLS for a minimum of 2 hours each call! PLUS an extra BONUS Call.

You get 8 total LIVE interactive calls.

This is like getting 16+ hours of personal consults with world renowned experts plus getting the chance to actually meet the survivors themselves who’ve been treated with medical cannabis.

These doctors, experts, and survivors CARE about making sure you get healthy, educated, and are well informed about the sacred plant.

Here’s how this works…

I’ll be your host and moderator for all 8 calls with you and doctors, experts and survivors.

Each interactive Live Q&A call will be devoted to each of the episodes you saw and just purchased. A new call every week for 8 weeks. A few of the experts, doctors, and survivors you saw in each episode will be on the LIVE calls for the episode Q&As.

The dates for these calls are included below:

Live Q&A # 1: Thursday, July 12th at 9pm EasternThe Sacred Plant…Examined

Live Q&A # 2 Thursday, July 19th at 9pm EasternStopping Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, and Autoimmune Conditions

Live Q&A # 3Thursday, July 26th at 9pm Eastern – Ending Suffering for Our Children: Autism, Seizures, and More

Live Q&A # 4: Thursday, August 2nd at 9pm EasternTreating Cancer Part 2

Live Q&A # 5Thursday, August 9th at 9pm Eastern – Accessing The Sacred Plant: The Unjust Laws and How To Navigate Them

Live Q&A # 6Thursday, August 16th at 9pm Eastern – Extending the Quality and Quantity of Life For Us and Our Beloved Pets

Live Q&A # 7Thursday, August 23rd at 9pm EasternTreating PTSD & Selecting Your Medicine, Dosage, and a Qualified Doctor

Live Q&A # 8Thursday, August 30th at 9pm Eastern – Catch all for all remaining questions that weren’t addressed on the previous 7 Q&As

Meet the Experts and Survivors…
And Get The Answers To Your Questions LIVE

Questions will be taken and answered in 2 Ways, to ensure EVERY QUESTION and concern is addressed on each and every call:

  1. At the bottom of every episode, all viewers are asked to submit their 2 most pressing questions from that episode. The doctors, experts, and survivors will answer and address all of the Frequently Asked Questions which will benefit everyone on these interactive calls. You just may get the answer you were looking for from the FAQ responses.
  2. After all the FAQs and Pre-Submitted questions are answered, the panel will take additional questions from you LIVE. Remember, this is Interactive, so it’s in real time.

This calls typically last 2 hours and could even go much longer in some cases.

These experts, doctors, and survivors lead with their hearts. YOU are the priority and the focus on these video calls. These calls will go until ALL questions have been answered.

They are on these calls for YOU, for your FAMILY, and for your OPTIMUM HEALTH. When it comes to pain, suffering, and living with a chronic disease or ailment, they are aware of what you and your family may be going through.

All told, they collectively have hundreds of years of research, knowledge, and experience that they bring to these calls for your benefit and enlightenment, health and well-being.

So take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and speak with them.

Here’s Everything You Get

The goal of these calls is to help educate, inform, and to make certain you come away with the information you need to make sound, confident decisions about your health…

And to know that you have options and choices.

In addition to the 8 LIVE video calls, you’ll also receive unlimited online access to…

  1. All 8 Q&A video MP4 recordings – to rewatch any time.

  2. All 8 Q&A audio MP3 recordings – to listen on your walks or even in the car.

  3. PDF Transcripts of all 8 Q&A calls – so you can read the answers to retain them even more.

  4. Key Takeaway and Index guide PDF for all 8 of the calls – so you can get the simple Cliff Notes so you have a cheat-sheet note for easy reference anytime you need it.

PLUS…you get to bring a friend or loved one with you on these calls. They too can participate on all 8 LIVE interactive video calls and get unlimited access to all the bonuses above.

So How Much Is It?

Here’s how valuable this opportunity is. If you were to book a one hour consult with any of the doctors featured in our series, it would cost you $350/hr.

It would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to meet with any one of these doctors or professionals in person. That would mean airfare for you and your family, hotels, the consult, food, and lodging.

You’re getting a MINIMUM of 16+ hours of live, online face to face contact with more than 20 experts and survivors.

You simply can’t put a dollar value on this because nowhere else can you get DIRECT ACCESS to the world’s most renowned leaders and brilliant minds in health and medical cannabis research and treatment…

AND you get your questions answered in real time, as if you were actually sitting in their office.

Not mention direct access to the survivors and patients who are currently being treated with medical cannabis and are there for you, willing to take your questions and share their experience.

We’ve drastically limited the cost of this opportunity for you in every way possible.

This Package will sell for $197 in just a few weeks.

But right now when you pre-order, for a very limited time you can get the LIVE Interactive Q&A Calls, video and audio recordings, the PDF transcripts and key takeaways PLUS the free buddy pass for just $77.

That’s 61% off the regular price.

This is the ONLY time you will find this package for this price.

Take advantage of this rare, once in a lifetime opportunity now. Just click the green

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The Live Interactive video Q&A calls starts Thursday July 12th and will go for a minimum of 2 hours and until all questions are answered, and continue every Thursday for 8 eight weeks.

Can’t wait to see you on the Q&A calls!

with Love and Gratitude,

John Malanca
Host, The Sacred Plant

PS: Who do you know who needs this life changing information?

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