Dear Friend,

Your doctor says, “You have cancer.”

As devastating as it is to hear those words directed at you… somehow it seems worse when the target is a loved one.

As a caregiver of that loved one you share the hurricane of emotions of fear, helplessness, anger, frustration, shock, and turmoil.

All the details in your life suddenly evaporate into a meaningless poof.

You feel alone and disoriented and ask… How did this happen to me?

The loud clock in your mind goes tick-tick-tick as your precious time flies by.

Because now everything’s a race.

Your doctor has already made you an appointment with an oncologist.

Or if you’ve already seen the oncologist and he’s booking you for chemotherapy, or radiation, or surgery, or all of the above.

You’re terrified of the pain that awaits you. Your hair falling out. Vomiting. Losing weight. Getting weak.

Will you have to stop working? Who will take care of you? How will you afford this?

Your mind’s spinning and it’s barely begun to process what’s happening to you.

Unfortunately, you know the statistics of mainstream treatments for cancer.

People suffer. People are financially ruined and never the same. People die. Or all of the above.

Your loved ones suffer and it deeply affects their lives and changes them forever.

Maybe your doctor gave you a probability percentage of your chances or that “look”… like he’s written you off.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s hope.

There is Hope!


And I promise not to waste your time with false dreams and fancy pictures and outright lies.

I’ve seen real-life spectacular results.

I don’t want to use the word “miraculous” because – and I’m being truthful here – this healing plant doesn’t work for all types of cancer in the same way.

But it sure can make your life a heck-of-a-lot easier during this fight.

The hope, the answers, the help you’re looking for is from Mother Nature.

I’m talking about the sacred plant… Cannabis Sativa or cannabis for short.

Here’s one of those spectacular results…

Saying that “Cindy Liceaga is a cancer survivor” is an understatement.

At age 19, Cindy was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer.

Surgery removed most of her tongue, parts of her throat and left her with incredible neck and shoulder pain.

Radiation destroyed most of her jawbone, compromised the inside of her mouth, and left her with a large open and weeping wound on her neck. And she suffers from mouth sores and jaw pain.

It’s painful and difficult for Cindy to speak which makes it difficult to understand her.

The second time cancer struck the surgery left her on a permanent feeding tube. The third time Cindy got breast cancer and again surgery.

She also suffered from fibromyalgia, migraines, severe nausea, depression, anxiety, anorexia… and the list goes on.

Crushing her pill medication to insert through her feeding tube was a nightmare.

Most of the time she was “high” and “out-of-it” and in bed. She had no life.

Cindy said it dulled her senses, made her sleepy, gave her hallucinations, and made her feel fidgety.

Desperate, after 15 years under a blanket of stigma and denying herself, Cindy finally decided to try the sacred plant.

Five doctors refused to sign for her despite her dire situation… but one did.

While on medical cannabis, Cindy’s mouth sores healed up and the gaping hole in her neck healed closed. Cindy’s unrelenting fibromyalgia, neck, and shoulder pain disappeared.

Today Cindy is cancer-free, off all her medications except her healing plant and enjoying life again.

Not only did cannabis give back Cindy’s strength and vitality… it gave Cindy her life back.

Now Cindy spends time with her husband Rudy and her 3 kids. Doing what mothers and wives do.

Simply amazing!

Lost In A Sea Of Confusion

Hi, I’m John Malanca.

You may know my story. Eight years ago, my father-in-law Stan was struck terminal lung cancer that had spread to his brain.

Conventional chemotherapy and radiation failed him.

A side-effect of his cancer would starve him to death before the cancer took him.

The doctors had written him off.

My wife Corinne and I were left stunned and scrambling with nowhere to go, and no one to turn to for help.

Internet searches were limited and confusing.

Discovering that medical cannabis helped increase appetite we hoped to make his final days more comfortable.

We took a stab in the dark of what kind, what method, and how much to give him.

Amazingly, not only had Stan started to eat, but he began to get better and better.

We even saw him riding a bike at one point!

I’m happy to say that 8 years and 18 cancer-free scans later, Stan is fit, active and living a full life at age 84.

Cannabis saved Stan’s life and changed Corinne’s and my mission in life.

In 2011, we started the United Patients Group to help people with cancer who are lost in a sea of confusion.

Because the urgent information you need about cannabis for your cancer is very hard to come by.

Pitfalls of Conventional Medicine

Most doctors and oncologists don’t know enough about this healing plant to guide you with doses.

A study of 237 oncologists found that a whopping 80% recommend medical cannabis to their patients but only 30% could offer any guidance.

Mostly, because they have no medical education on medical cannabis.

Many doctors won’t even talk to you about it. Some because they’re still under a shroud of stigma or laws, insurance, or institution restrictions.

Since these laws won’t change overnight it leaves you struggling for much-needed answers… NOW.

But, many of our followers have labored with tremendous difficulty through trial-and-error on their own.

Not only with finding the right medical cannabis… and dosing… but with dealing with the stigma and reaction from family and friends after deciding to use this healing plant to fight their cancer.

You’ll hear one story of how this barrier changed lives forever.

And sometimes the shame comes from within.

Over 80 years of politically motivated scaremongering and falsely classifying this healing plant as a dangerous drug has run deep into our psyche.

It’s Medicinal and it’s SAFE

Dr. Dustin Sulak, Osteopath and medical cannabis expert from Maine insists:

“It’s NOT a recreational plant – it’s MEDICINAL.”

Dr. Sulak goes on to say that, “If a child took 1000 times his usual dose… no toxicity, no brain damage, no organ damage.”

You CANNOT die from medical cannabis.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the multiple Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent for CNN had been outspoken against the use of medical cannabis for a long time.

But he too could no longer ignore the mountains of evidence and powerful benefits of this sacred plant.

In 2013, in a full documentary, Dr. Sanjay Gupta publicly rejected everything he once said about cannabis…

“We can’t ignore it any longer. It is the answer we’ve all been looking for. America has been terribly and systematically misled for 70 years.”

The Honorable Francis Young is the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). On record, he says that medical cannabis is much safer than many foods we usually eat. And that natural medical cannabis is one of the safest therapies known to man.

And new data about the sacred plant flows in all the time.

Avalanche of Research and Evidence

There are thousands of published research studies proving its effectiveness.

On respected medical sites such as PubMed, Journal of Medical Association (JAMA), National Institute of Health Sciences, Lancet, National Institute of Health (NIH), University of California (UCLA), and many more.

The research on cannabis for cancer in Europe, Israel, and South America is dynamic with new information coming in all the time.

One study from Harvard Medical School found that the THC in cannabis stopped the spread of aggressive forms of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and other aggressive cancers.

Another international team of researchers discovered that cannabis shrinks tumors. It blocks the blood supply to cancer cells starving it to death.

Scientists have found that compounds in the sacred plant trigger apoptosis. This means the cancer cells self-destruct.

At the very least…

This healing plant can significantly dampen the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation by controlling devastating nausea and vomiting.

It helps heal wounds and scars from radiation and surgery, calm anxieties, settle nerves and helps you sleep.

Cannabis can eliminate the pain associated with cancer and lower the dosage required for narcotics.

The bottom line is that cancer can devastate your energy level and stress your body’s systems. Leaving you weak and tired and depressed.

Adding medical cannabis to your fight, helps you retain your quality-of-life to a level where you can continue to do the things you need to get done.

Like how it rebuilt Cindy’s health and restored her strength so she can take care of her family and enjoy life.

I’m here to bring you the life-saving information you need… NOW so you can have the same positive results.

The Inner Healer Within Us

You’ve learned from our docuseries’, that along with the systems in your body like the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, and so on… you also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS’s role helps all these systems communicate with each other like an alarm system.

For example, if your nervous system gets overactivated an alarm goes off and your ECS instructs it to calm down.

When you get sick, especially with cancer, your systems can go a bit haywire and run sluggish.

Your ECS gets overwhelmed and can’t handle all the alarms going off.

This makes it very difficult for your body to function optimally and heal itself.

The cannabinoids in cannabis fit together like puzzle pieces providing a big boost to your sluggish ECS bringing your systems to full capacity.

Cannabis brings the unbalanced into balanced again and helps your body heal itself.

Before making any decisions, you should be familiar with the various ways to go about using the sacred plant for your cancer treatment.

3 Ways to Effectively Use Cannabis for Cancer


The sacred plant acts as a preventative against cancer and its recurrence by blocking cancer cells from taking hold and stops them from spreading throughout the body.

It also has anti-tumorous properties.

Holistic Treatment Only

A strictly natural route using the sacred plant for treatment is one option for certain cancers.

The terpenes in cannabis also have anti-cancerous properties and help reduce tumor size and prevent the spread of loose cells.

This healing plant drastically relieves moderate to severe pain associated with cancer.

It also helps reduce stress, inflammation, and improve mood.

In Conjunction with Mainstream Treatments

Adding cannabis to cancers that require medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery can dramatically help in several ways.

One way the sacred plant works is like activating a neon sign only on the cancer-riddled cells that say, “Attack Here!” Leaving healthy cells intact.

The sacred plant prevents neuropathy – the permanent death of nerve cells on the outside of the brain and spine – which is a nasty side-result of chemotherapy.

Many oncologists have to dial-down the potency of their treatment because the patient becomes too weak or suffers too greatly.

Medical cannabis helps you feel a lot better and keeps you stronger which allows your oncologist to ramp up the strength of treatments to blast your cancer out of existence.

I’ve seen the sacred plant help thousands of people with amazing results.

But, it’s not as straightforward as you might think.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All

Over the past 8 years, we’ve discovered that cannabis is not a One-Size-Fits-All.

As you recall, the sacred plant has cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These all have tremendous healing properties… especially with cancer.

Where it gets complicated is that every cancer is different. The size, location, and stage of cancer make a difference.

Each of us is unique. Our body size, gender, medications we take, medical history all play a part. Even the laws and environment where we live play a role.

There are many different applications… oils, tinctures, wax, vapors, edibles, capsules, topicals, sprays, and transdermal patches. And you can ingest the raw plant.

So figuring out which cannabis molecule you need to take… which way to take it… and at what dose you need is one main stumbling block most people encounter.

Listen to what one of the world’s leading medical cannabis experts have to say…

NEW Discoveries Arriving Every Day

You may remember Dr. Frankel as one of the experts featured in The Sacred Plant “Healing Secrets Exposed” and “Healing Secrets Examined” docuseries.

Dr. Allan Frankel M.D. is an Internist with over 44 years of medical experience and one of the top medical cannabis experts for the past 13 years. His renowned medical cannabis clinic, GreenBridge Medical, is in Santa Monica, CA.

He tells us about some astonishing results from a recent clinical trial in Europe on astrocytoma cancer.

The trial involved two groups of cancer patients, one on a chemotherapy treatment called Temodar plus medical cannabis and one group just on Temodar alone.

Apparently, they had to stop the study mid-way because the only participants still alive were the ones taking medical cannabis. The trial continues today but now all the participants are on medical cannabis.

Dr. Frankel stresses that the dosage that was given to these patients was important for their dramatic prolonged survival.

Dr. Frankel also says there’s a new molecule called THCv… and that it has tremendous anti-cancer properties and he soon expects to begin implementing it into his protocols.

As soon as we know more… we’ll bring that information to you.

We understand how distressing it is to need answers and not have them.

Many of you ask, “What do I need to take to get better?”

So we asked you what you wanted to know and we thank you for the thousands of burning questions that we received.

These questions help us to help you and others just like you that are going through this difficult time.

Here are some examples…

Dr. Frankel tells Greg S. that bladder cancer has one of the best response rates with medical cannabis. He usually recommends what he calls the Quad. You’ll soon discover what that means.

And Kanari says she’s on chemotherapy for triple-negative invasive breast cancer.

Dr. Frankel also says the sacred plant works amazingly well on breast cancer.

Dr. Frankel warns that the chemotherapy Taxol used for breast cancer can result in neuropathy.

As I mentioned earlier, neuropathy is the permanent death of nerves on the outside of the brain and along the spine. This healing plant has excellent results in preventing this damage.

One of the most frequent questions we receive is… Do I absolutely have to take THC for cancer?

Dr. Frankel answers, “Yes.” THC is especially effective in killing cancer cells.

Can I just use the THC at night and take the CBD during the day?

Dr. Frankel stresses that separating the THC from the other molecules, for example, to use only at night, reduces the efficacy of the whole. The molecules work best when taken together.

We understand how overwhelming and scary it is.

And there aren’t a lot of experts out there like Dr. Frankel. It’s difficult to reach someone who knows enough about it to ask.

And your cancer can’t wait while you sit around wringing your hands.

That’s why we created Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide for YOU.


MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR Cancer: A PAtient's Guide

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Answers To Your Most Burning Questions

We’ve received 2,801 questions on how to safely and successfully use medical cannabis for cancer and we created a comprehensive book to answer the most commonly asked questions…

This Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide is jam-packed with the most up-to-date research and actionable information.

It’s a treasure trove of guidance to help you start right away.

And to help you feel better during this time by relieving the devastating symptoms.

You’ll find specific details on the sacred plant and how to use it.

Fighting Your Cancer Together Hand-in-Hand

It’s like Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide will hold your hand as you walk through each step of this tough fight.

But that’s not all…

We want you to have every scrap of vital information at your fingertips so…

You’ll also get A SPECIAL BONUS called Medical cannabis 101.

This beautiful 155-page illustrated book will explain everything you wanted to know about the sacred plant and how to start.

And Relief Can Happen FAST!

Your nausea will disappear and vomiting will cease and have a better appetite.

You’ll sleep more soundly and awake refreshed and think more clearly.

You’ll be less anxious and less stressed and your moods will improve.

As you continue to heal and your cancer shrinks…

You may see wounds heal and scars disappear.

You’ll have more energy and be able to go about your day.

You may decide to go back to work.

You can get out of bed and care for your family again.

You can buy your own groceries and drive your own car instead of depending on others.

You’ll regain your independence and the quality of your life.

You’ll have the strength and improved mindset to spend time with family and friends and attend holiday bashes.

The sky’s the limit!

Here are a few more stunning turnarounds and successes…

Success Stories

Dee Mani says:
“Medical cannabis oil cured my aggressive breast cancer, which reversed the cancer damage in 4 months!”

Vicki says:
“My husband was diagnosed with stage-4 colon carcinoma. Your information led us down a path of natural healing. We’re in a non-legal state but have managed to treat with high doses of THC. This past June his quarterly scan showed NO GROWTH. We’re expecting complete healing.”

Brenda Sjoden says:
“My Dad was diagnosed in March with myeloma and was given 2 weeks to live, and because I have him on THC and CBD he is still alive! Hospice opted him out as he no longer needed them.
He will turn 81 on Dec. 31st. He is a miracle because of this plant.

My uncle also had cancer of the lungs and both my dad and uncle had it at the same time. My uncle did the chemo and radiation, my dad did not do chemo or radiation only THC and CBD.

My dad told my uncle about what he was doing and my uncle said, “I have never done drugs and I’m not going to start now!” My dad said, “What the heck, we’re both 80 years old and both going to die, what do you have to lose?”

My uncle died in June.

It’s so important for people to see it’s ok to use medical cannabis and that it could save your life!”


Not only will you get the Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide and Special Bonus Medical Cannabis 101 to help yourself. You’ll get another set of this invaluable duo to share with someone special.

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Bypass the Trial-and-Error Terror

Let us help you bypass the trial-and-error terror and get right to the heart of the matter.

As I mentioned earlier, taking the sacred plant is not as straight-forward as you might think.

And the whole cancer process is complicated and overwhelming.

You sent us 2,801 questions about your confusion and the brick walls you and millions of other people with cancer and their caregivers run into.

We’ve bulldozed those brick walls and unscrambled the confusion for you… we made the complicated – EASY.

Even if you have a medical cannabis expert you can talk to… these resources offer step-by-step guidance.

Knowledge is not just power… it’s protection.

You’ve seen how medical cannabis healed Dee’s aggressive breast cancer.

You’ve seen how this healing plant killed Vicki’s husband’s stage-4 colon carcinoma.

You’ve seen how THC and CBD saved Brenda’s father from myeloma. And how her uncle perished by not accepting medical cannabis a solution.

You’ve seen how adding medical cannabis to conventional medical treatments saved 2-year old Olly’s life and that today at age 9 has “no active disease!”

You’ve seen Kristin stumble through devastating trial-and-error until she figured out what worked. Today Kristin is thriving and calls “Medical cannabis was my BIG GUN!”

Think what it’ll be like to get your x-rays or PET scan results and see that your cancer has shrunk or even disappeared.

Or to watch as your skin cancer falls off – dead – and the skin heals flawlessly!

You’ll see your body start to bounce back with increased energy, better sleep, reduced stress, and anxiety.

Your nausea and vomiting may disappear altogether and your appetite will improve.

You’ll prevent the brain-damaging neuropathy caused by chemotherapy.

You can’t afford to wait one extra moment.

When I asked Dr. Frankel, “When should a cancer patient begin taking medical cannabis?”

He answered, “Yesterday.”

Dr. Frankel strongly recommends
“If you have cancer, start as soon as you possibly can!”

Don’t wait any longer to get this critical information into your hands.

These precious instructional manuals are packed with everything you need to know NOW… actionable advice from experts and the latest cutting-edge research.

And we’ve made it convenient to use on your desktop, laptop, tablet or even on your phone… in print or audio.

For a Limited Time, to Share with Someone Special You’ll Get a Second Bundle Who Will Also Receive…

We could ask for hundreds of dollars for this mountain of research from our expert sources.

We could easily charge $199 for Medical Cannabis For Cancer: A Patient’s Guide alone.

But that would defeat the purpose behind my mission here.

And that of my loving wife Corinne’s purpose and fight that she continued until her dying day.

Our lives were forever changed when we saw her father riding a bike after the doctors wrote him off.

One day he had terminal cancer, wasting disease, couldn’t eat, couldn’t move, lying in a bed in hospice and we’re thinking we need to plan for his funeral.

Adding medical cannabis saved Stan’s life and continues to help him thrive.

I’ve seen thousands of real people with cancer, just like you, go through terrible ordeals, and once armed with proper directions and the sacred plant manage to turn their health by 180 degrees.

Here are a couple of women you may have heard about…