Dear Friend,

Your doctor says, “You have cancer.”

As devastating as it is to hear those words directed at you… somehow it seems worse when the target is a loved one.

As a caregiver of that loved one you share the hurricane of emotions of fear, helplessness, anger, frustration, shock, and turmoil.

All the details in your life suddenly evaporate into a meaningless poof.

You feel alone and disoriented and ask… How did this happen to me?

The loud clock in your mind goes tick-tick-tick as your precious time flies by.

Because now everything’s a race.

Your doctor has already made you an appointment with an oncologist.

Or if you’ve already seen the oncologist and he’s booking you for chemotherapy, or radiation, or surgery, or all of the above.

You’re terrified of the pain that awaits you. Your hair falling out. Vomiting. Losing weight. Getting weak.

Will you have to stop working? Who will take care of you? How will you afford this?

Your mind’s spinning and it’s barely begun to process what’s happening to you.

Unfortunately, you know the statistics of mainstream treatments for cancer.

People suffer. People are financially ruined and never the same. People die. Or all of the above.

Your loved ones suffer and it deeply affects their lives and changes them forever.

Maybe your doctor gave you a probability percentage of your chances or that “look”… like he’s written you off.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s hope.

Pitfalls of Conventional Medicine

Most doctors and oncologists don’t know enough about this healing plant to guide you with doses.

A study of 237 oncologists found that a whopping 80% recommend medical cannabis to their patients but only 30% could offer any guidance.

Mostly, because they have no medical education on medical cannabis.

Many doctors won’t even talk to you about it. Some because they’re still under a shroud of stigma or laws, insurance, or institution restrictions.

Since these laws won’t change overnight it leaves you struggling for much-needed answers… NOW.

But, many of our followers have labored with tremendous difficulty through trial-and-error on their own.

Not only with finding the right medical cannabis… and dosing… but with dealing with the stigma and reaction from family and friends after deciding to use this healing plant to fight their cancer.

You’ll hear one story of how this barrier changed lives forever.

And sometimes the shame comes from within.

Over 80 years of politically motivated scaremongering and falsely classifying this healing plant as a dangerous drug has run deep into our psyche.

It’s Medicinal and it’s SAFE

Dr. Dustin Sulak, Osteopath and medical cannabis expert from Maine insists:

“It’s NOT a recreational plant – it’s MEDICINAL.”

Dr. Sulak goes on to say that, “If a child took 1000 times his usual dose… no toxicity, no brain damage, no organ damage.”

You CANNOT die from medical cannabis.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the multiple Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent for CNN had been outspoken against the use of medical cannabis for a long time.

But he too could no longer ignore the mountains of evidence and powerful benefits of this sacred plant.

In 2013, in a full documentary, Dr. Sanjay Gupta publicly rejected everything he once said about cannabis…

“We can’t ignore it any longer. It is the answer we’ve all been looking for.
America has been terribly and systematically misled for 70 years.”

The Honorable Francis Young is the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). On record, he says that medical cannabis is much safer than many foods we usually eat. And that natural medical cannabis is one of the safest therapies known to man.

And new data about the sacred plant flows in all the time.

Avalanche of Research and Evidence

There are thousands of published research studies proving its effectiveness.

On respected medical sites such as PubMed, Journal of Medical Association (JAMA), National Institute of Health Sciences, Lancet, National Institute of Health (NIH), University of California (UCLA), and many more.

The research on cannabis for cancer in Europe, Israel, and South America is dynamic with new information coming in all the time.

One study from Harvard Medical School found that the THC in cannabis stopped the spread of aggressive forms of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and other aggressive cancers.

Another international team of researchers discovered that cannabis shrinks tumors. It blocks the blood supply to cancer cells starving it to death.

Scientists have found that compounds in the sacred plant trigger apoptosis. This means the cancer cells self-destruct.

At the very least…

This healing plant can significantly dampen the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation by controlling devastating nausea and vomiting.

It helps heal wounds and scars from radiation and surgery, calm anxieties, settle nerves and helps you sleep.

Cannabis can eliminate the pain associated with cancer and lower the dosage required for narcotics.

The bottom line is that cancer can devastate your energy level and stress your body’s systems. Leaving you weak and tired and depressed.

Adding medical cannabis to your fight, helps you retain your quality-of-life to a level where you can continue to do the things you need to get done.

Like how it rebuilt Cindy’s health and restored her strength so she can take care of her family and enjoy life.

I’m here to bring you the life-saving information you need… NOW so you can have the same positive results.