In Honor and Loving Memory of Corinne Malanca

Today, October 19th, is the 2-year anniversary of Corinne’s passing. To celebrate her life and legacy, below is her expert interview she recorded for The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed docuseries in May 2017. Corinne, we love you and we miss you. RIP.

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Corinne Malanca’s life was turned upside down when she found out her father’s stage 4 lung cancer had spread to his brain. He had developed an inoperable tumor. Her father was given weeks to live.

Corinne and her husband John (our host) immediately began researching further. She was shocked to stumble upon a statistic that revealed 40% of cancer patients died due to complications of malnutrition rather than cancer itself.

While Corinne was reading this, dispensaries were opening across California. So Corinne and John, decided to ask Stan’s oncologist if they could give cannabis to her dad.

The oncologist told her, “I don’t know anything about it but go ahead!” and then deemed Corinne her father’s caregiver. Within 9 months after introducing cannabis her father went into remission.

Today… 8 years later, he is 86 and cancer free.

Inspired by her father’s journey with cannabis, John and Corinne co-founded United Patients Group (UPG).

UPG has become an unparalleled resource and trusted leader in Medical Cannabis for physicians, pharmacists, governments, patients, and organizations. After experiencing first-hand the confusion and stress of navigating an overwhelming process, Corinne wanted to offer the support, guidance, and education to the world that they could not find.

In addition to providing education globally in cannabinoid therapeutics, United Patients Group offers support to patients by helping them avoid the pitfalls of the medical cannabis industry while streamlining their process to the best available options along with orchestrating medical conferences on the science behind cannabis.

Corinne is a featured expert in The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed  docuseries and she’s the co-creator and co-host of The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Explained  webinar series.

John wrote a letter to The Sacred Plant community here after her unfortunate passing

Corinne had been taking a regular regime of cannabis and other supplements as well living a healthy lifestyle.

When she was diagnosed, it was, unfortunately, simply an extremely aggressive cancer.

John believes that the cannabis kept her alive longer and gave her a better quality of life in her final 3 months.

Please know that medical cannabis is not a cure-all, yes, it helps a lot of people but it doesn’t help everyone.

Also keep in mind that since the schedule status of cannabis, it’s illegal to do clinical studies and research. The knowledge and expertise was stripped from our medical field in the early 20s… and then there’s the indeterminable cause and effect of removing the cannabinoids from our diets over the last 100 years.

Corinne’s passing and the prohibition of this medicine is truly tragic.

Her husband, best friend, soulmate and business partner, John Malanca, our host, (as well as all of us here at The Sacred Plant) are still fully committed to this mission and movement to spread awareness and education on medical cannabis all around the world and to get everyone safe access for medical use.

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