The Sacred Plant Healing Cancer Watch Party (CS)

Watch On-Demand: Healing Cancer Videos

You now have FULL ACCESS to watch 7 life-changing videos on treating, preventing and even beating cancer with medical cannabis.

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Olivia Newton-John Interview (Cancer Success Story)

4-time Grammy Award winner Olivia Newton-John is using the sacred plant to treat her stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. But her discovery of this wonderful healing plant lead to something much greater. Watch her inspirational story here, where she and her husband uncover some of the most dangerous yet widely believed myths about the sacred plant.

Interview with Top Cannabis Physician Dr. Allan Frankel

Meet one of the world’s top authorities on how to use medical cannabis, Dr. Allan Frankel. He’s been recommending the sacred plant to his patients for well over a decade after he used it to heal himself from heart failure in just 3 short months — without surgery!

"Amazon" John Easterling Extended Interview

John Easterling started out searching for real-life treasures down in the Amazon rainforest… thus earning his nickname “Amazon John” but… what he ended up “discovering” was much more valuable to all mankind. Hear his story in this extended interview.

Interview with Kristin Rosenqvist (Cancer Success Story)

Kristin Rosenqvist discovered the sacred plant through a friend which led her to use it to treat her cancer and autoimmune conditions. Today, there’s no sign of cancer. She shares the details of her journey and treatment so she can “pay it forward” to you and your loved ones.

Full-Length Cancer Q&A with Dr. Frankel (Part 1 & 2)

In this 2-part pre-recorded Q&A session with Dr. Allan Frankel and John Malanca, you’ll discover how to use the sacred plant for healing specific types of cancer.

Interview with Cindy & Rudy Liceiga (Cancer Success Story)

John Malanca interviews cancer patient Cindy Liceiga and her husband Rudy. Cindy is a 3-time cancer survivor and used the sacred plant to heal from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, throat cancer and breast cancer.  This is truly a remarkable and inspirational interview.

As a reminder, these videos will be available for 2 days only.

No. These selected videos are available to watch during this New Healing Cancer On-Demand Watch Party airing here for 2 days only.

If you want even more instruction and inspiration on how to use the sacred plant safely and successfully to treat specific types of cancer, we’ve created a Healing Cancer Masterclass.

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But please hurry, because our 90% off sale goes away when this watch party ends.

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