How To Use Medical Cannabis
With Total Confidence

Say Goodbye To Confusion, Fear And Misunderstandings Surrounding This Breakthrough Medicine

From the Desk of John Malanca
Date: March 13, 2019

Dear Friend,

As you may already know, medical cannabis is all over the news.

And here at The Sacred Plant, we’re excited to be a part of the education and empowerment of smart and health-conscious people like you, who are finally understanding the true possibilities of medical cannabis.

You’ve likely seen reports from around the world that show medicinal cannabis helping with everything from…


But right now — there is a sea of information out there making it difficult to know who and what to trust when it comes to your health.

Being on the front-line as a patient advocate for 8 years gives me a rare view of the current status of medical cannabis, providing an unprecedented opportunity to clear up many of the misconceptions believed by the general public.

For example:

How following the WRONG information about medical cannabis could put your health in greater risk…

Or why cannabis grown a certain way could actually work AGAINST your body’s built-in healing abilities…

These are just a couple of the facts cleared up inside a controversial book I recently wrote to educate, empower, and bring REAL medical cannabis education out of the shadows.

Are you relying on TRUTH or LIES when it comes to medical cannabis

If you’ve ever wondered how you, or someone you love, could benefit from this healing plant…

It’s likely you’ve searched online and after reading articles… watching videos… and trying to dig through conflicting reports…

You may have found yourself more confused than when you started making it nearly impossible to know what is fact and what is fiction.

Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by the information that you don’t know where or how to start.

And in many other cases, patients are showing up to appointments knowing MORE than their Doctors on the topic — all thanks to the limited education, research, and resources provided during medical school.

Now, this may balance out in the future as many Universities consider adding medical cannabis lessons to the curriculum.

But this could take YEARS — and you need information now.

The REAL issue is that nobody has compiled accurate information in an easy-to-read format so you can feel confident when deciding what to do, what NOT to do, and how to separate truth from LIES when it comes to medical cannabis.

Now, although legal dispensaries are monitored and tested…

And even though new research on the sacred plant is piling up with no signs of slowing down…

True empowerment comes from knowing the TRUTH about medical cannabis from a resource with no ties to Big Government or Corporate America — a resource that puts YOU first.

Now, before I share how you can remove any and all obstacles to getting real, fact-based, and easy-to-understand information on medical cannabis — so that you, and those you love can be informed and prepared…

It’s critical you understand how deeply I understand what you’re feeling.

Let me properly introduce myself…

I’m John Malanca and I know how frustrating it can be to get real information about medical cannabis you can trust.

In February 2011, my father-in-law got a call from his primary care physician with a devastating Lung Cancer diagnosis.

The minute we got the news, we started researching treatment options. And in our search we came across so many reports about how ONE plant was helping with many side-effects …

One study showed showed how 40% of cancer patients die of malnutrition — as a side effect of chemo and radiation — well before the cancer takes over.

That’s when I remembered an article I read about how medical cannabis could help with appetite.

Truth is, we had no clue about any other benefits… and at the time weren’t interested…

All we wanted was for my father-in-law to eat so he could be comfortable and not suffer.

At this time there was no medical cannabis community like The Sacred Plant.

We relied on random reports and online forums with other medical cannabis patients who figured out how to get their medicine.

So we did our best.

We sourced capsules with coconut oil and medical cannabis, then crossed our fingers hoping it worked.

In the beginning we didn’t know how much oil to give, but we followed our instincts…

Maybe we were lucky, but…

Within 24 hours, he was eating again and his life started to improve…

In 8 days he was off oxygen…

​After 6 months he was officially “fired” as a hospice patient (in other words, they weren’t planning for the end of his life anymore… he was starting to LIVE again)!

And after 9 months he was officially cancer-free!

8 Years After Being ‘Fired’ From Hospice Care, My Father-in-law Is A Roaring 84 Years Young — And Excited About Life Again!

After being given a 1% chance of living, we’ll take every moment with him.

Having lost my own father, being able to enjoy our life with my father-in-law drives me to help even more people to receive proper information and knowledge about this incredible plant.

This is why I’m so passionate about being on the forefront of medical cannabis education and empowerment with The Sacred Plant Team.

So, as you can see, I know how frustrating it can be to get real information you can trust.

And I also know how truly powerful this incredible plant can be with the proper guidance and information.

But our journey wasn’t easy because we didn’t know where to start and who to trust.

For me, it was like everyone I talked to… every book I read… and every website I browsed shared the same information that simply didn’t give me the TRUTH.

I didn’t know if the websites were run by reputable organizations by proven experts in the field of medical cannabis.

It truly was a battle of TRUTH vs. LIES.

Determined to end the fight, I set out on a journey that would not only end pain for my own father in law…

But this journey was the beginning of a lifelong mission to educate and empower you and your loved ones with REAL life-changing information about medical cannabis.

So, who can you believe?

Finally, there’s an answer to your questions.

Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide cuts through the clutter of confusion and contradiction.

This is the book I WISH I had when I started investigating the benefits of medical cannabis.

And you won’t find any half-baked opinions you can get by searching the internet.

Instead, as a patient advocate with over 8 years of experience, my mission is to provide real evidence and guidance based on facts, not fiction.

Inside, I answer your most pressing questions, like…

Now that you know how damaging poorly-produced medical cannabis can be to the body — the LAST thing you want to do is consume molds, pesticides, and other nasty contaminants.

Inside you’ll find the easiest way to know if your medicine is free of pesticides, molds, and other toxins, and questions to ask your dispensary if you don’t understand their reports.

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of reports about the use of CBD Oil to reduce pain and other ailments.

This interest has taken the oil from a little-known product to one of the most sought-after natural remedies on the market.

And when you claim your copy of Medical Cannabis 101 today, you’ll get all the facts about CBD oil.

Let’s set the record straight. Many of the positive benefits of medical cannabis are available to you without ANY “high”.

That’s right: whether it’s for managing pain, nausea, joint aches, or calming an “always on” brain there is no need to get ‘high’ or ‘stoned’.

You just need to know what to look out for, and what to avoid, so you can enjoy all the benefits with none of the stigma while feeling confident in your treatment.

The truth is that patients don’t have to smoke to use this medicine. In fact, other methods can achieve symptom relief just as well, if not better than smoking.

Inside, you’ll find 7 smoke-free alternatives for every medical cannabis patient. One of these methods is how doctors delivered cannabis before it was banned in 1937…

And many more, including practical, science-based insights about medical cannabis and how it could prevent and even treat many chronic conditions like cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and others…

Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide sets the standard for uncompromised access to potentially life-saving information — all based on hard evidence and research from leading institutions on the forefront of this incredible movement.


Inside Medical Cannabis 101, you'll discover...

Now, if you don’t already use medical cannabis, this book will provide a detailed look inside the benefits… medical uses… different strains and terpenes… and hand you a simple resource you can rely on again and again.

Do you have a friend or family member who’s confided in you about their experience? Now you can be their go-to support person armed with knowledge from a reputable source.

If you DO use medical cannabis, this book will solidify your understanding and help you separate the stigmas and propaganda from evidence-based truth.

Using medical cannabis without expert guidance can be dangerous.

And if you rely on licensed producers for information — producers who profit from cannabis as well — how can you know your interests are being respected?

Isn’t it time you put yourself first… Rather than profits of big corporations?

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Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient's Guide


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Finally — Take the Guesswork Out of Using Medical Cannabis for Better Health

The information inside Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide is a culmination of 8 years of sitting knee-to-knee with patient’s who struggled to get their hands on medical cannabis…

These are people like you who want and NEED medical cannabis the most, but are suffering with an out-of-date system and the level of access of knowledge severely lacking.

From patients struggling with pain and nausea from cancer treatment to parents whose children have unstoppable tremors and sleep troubles because of epilepsy…

Being on the front lines advocating for my father-in-law gave a true first hand look inside the workings of the medical cannabis industry.

I witnessed the good and the bad.

We didn’t have the level of access that is more available today. Instead, we were forced to forge our own path and learn by trial and error.

Now the times are changing and I want to help you and thousands of others avoid this struggle.

This is why we’ve made the entire medical cannabis reference guide so affordable.

All we ask is a small contribution that allows us to keep spreading this vital message with the people who want and need it the most.

Discover The TRUTH About Medical Cannabis... Starting Today!

Now, not only are you getting immediate access to the book so you can dig in today and know within minutes what your next step should be with medical cannabis…

  • You’ll discover different delivery methods — many that work without smoking…
  • You’ll be able to experience the benefits of medical cannabis without getting “high”…
  • And so much more…

We also know you may want to learn on the go, so you’re also getting, 100% free..

The Medical Cannabis 101 Audiobook Companion Recordings

This is the information you need, delivered in a way that works for you.

So if you don’t have the time to sit down and read, or you’re on the road a lot, or you simply prefer to listen, since you can download and listen on any device, the audiobook is the perfect companion to the ebook.

Whether you use an Apple, Android, PC, or Mac, you can download or stream the audiobook on your morning drive to work or while doing chores around the house.

Turn on the audiobook and learn all about medical cannabis whenever, and wherever you choose.

But we didn’t stop there…

You’re also getting 3 FREE Bonus Reports…



You’ve probably heard about or used CBD oil… After all, the use of CBD has exploded as the public discovers its ability to reduce pain and other ailments.

And in your FREE bonus report The Truth About CBD Oil, you’ll get the answers to questions like this:

“Can I use CBD with my current medications?” “Can I take too much CBD — or even overdose on it?” “How much CBD oil should I take to start?”

Plus, you’ll also discover:

  • Why CBD does not make you “high”
  • The 3 sources of CBD or cannabinoids (hint: one is located inside your own body)
  • How CBD can reduce dependence on dangerous opioid drugs…
  • Plus much, much more…



Smoking is not the only way to receive benefit from medical cannabis, you’ll discover 6 other options as well as:

  • The 2 methods patients must avoid if they suffer from Gastrointestinal Disorders and why…
  • The preferred delivery method for children who use the sacred plant for medicine.
  • Do topical applications (creams, lotions, balms etc.) show up on drug screenings?
  • Vaporization is a great method because you can customize effects with different temperatures (Revealed: What temperature to use for “whole-plant” medicine… page 4)
  • The easiest and quickest method to supply your body with small doses of cannabinoids for up to 12 hours…
  • Why you should NEVER store your cannabis medicine in warm areas or direct sunlight!
  • And much more…



Discover if state medical cannabis laws can protect you from federal prosecutors, plus…

  • Is it true that patients MUST “get high” to receive benefit from the sacred plant?
  • Does medical cannabis work for everybody? Why or why not?
  • True or false? It’s not safe to treat children with medical cannabis… answer on page 15.
  • Is hemp derived medicine just as effective as that from cannabis?
  • Are patients really reducing and replacing opiate medication by using the sacred plant?
  • True or false? Cannabis can be used for preventive health.
  • And much more…

That’s Over $101 In Free Bonus Reports…
Each One Putting Vital Information In Your Hands

And we know that you may not be in this alone, so with your purchase TODAY you’ll also receive a…


Not only will you get this Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide bundle to help yourself…

You’ll also get another complete second package to share with someone special.

Do you have a loved one who is suffering from chronic pain, cancer, dementia, anxiety, sleep issues or over 200 other diseases and conditions?

With this second FREE bundle, YOU can change or possibly even SAVE their life.

And both of you will get the answers and guidance you need to live a better quality of life with medical cannabis.

But even if you don’t know someone who needs it right now, you can always keep it as a life-changing gift for when you do.

Or pass it on to your doctor to help open his or her eyes to the amazing healing benefits of the sacred plant.

And there’s still more…

Now, I want to make sure you are totally satisfied today, so I am backing every order with our best-in-class guarantee.

I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders, and place it squarely upon mine…

Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide Is Backed By Our 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m so confident Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide is the ultimate resource for medical cannabis education that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Our guarantee is simple.

Take your time to read the book… listen to the audio companion…. and enjoy each of the 3 FREE bonus reports.

Fill your knowledge-bank with the latest research, insights and ideas about medical cannabis.

Then, if within 30-days — you’re not fully satisfied with the level of information inside… if you don’t feel more empowered… if you don’t have a heightened knowledge and vision about how to approach medical cannabis for you or your family… or for whatever reason at all… we’ll refund all your money.

No questions asked.

No hassles.

This will be your go-to resource for medical cannabis, or you don’t pay a cent.

PLUS, you can keep everything just for giving it a try.

You have my word.

I truly believe knowledge is power… and this is exactly what you’re getting today.

Let us separate fact from fiction, bypass the trial and error, and give you the guidance you deserve.

Take a moment now to get started and join us!

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John Malanca
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P.P.S. Whether you want to learn about medical cannabis to help ease chronic pain… or to help with sleep… or to simply protect your health and feel more balanced…

Or if you want to be informed and educated when speaking with your Doctor…

Medical Cannabis 101: A Patient’s Guide is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Yes! I Want to Discover Exactly How to Use Medical Cannabis for Optimal Health

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