Live Coaching Series (CC)

Thank You and Welcome Inaugural Member!

And thanks for taking this positive step toward reclaiming your health and quality of life. We’re so excited to help support you during this step forward toward your healthcare.

We welcome and appreciate your participation. Your questions will help us develop this upcoming Masterclass to target what you need most.

But you may still need some extra guidance. Are you still feeling overwhelmed? We understand that being sick and having to learn all this new information is daunting.

Maybe you have a complicated medical history. Or you’re on multiple medications or on conventional treatments. Or you’re just not comfortable yet with making these decisions on your own.

That’s why we’ve partnered with our panel of experts to bring you the support of expert guidance you’re looking for!

Introducing Our LIVE Coaching Series

We want to help you feel better quickly. That’s why we created this extraordinary opportunity for you to get on-going expert advice.

Breathe a sigh of relief when over the next 5 months, you’ll get SIX (6) opportunities to clear your confusion with answers from our experts.

This will put you on the fast track to healing and feeling better.

Get back to feeling yourself again and back to your normal life.

You can work and be productive again. Take care of your family and fulfill your responsibilities. Feel alive and free to do what you wish…

And reclaim your independence and find happiness again.

Join our LIVE Coaching Series and get
6 LIVE Q&A’s over 5 months!!

That’s SIX opportunities to talk to an expert! Ask your questions LIVE and get answers right away. And chuck your confusion in the garbage.

Our panel of experts will help relieve your anxiety of this challenge ahead of you:

Teaera Roland F.N.P-B.C., M.S.N., R.N., C.C.M., C.A.R.N.-A.P., is a family nurse practitioner, as well as an addiction and cannabis expert. She will help pin-point the best medicine for your needs so that you can start feeling better right away.

Dr. Janice Knox M.D., M.B.A., is a board-certified anesthesiologist, physician, best-selling author, and cannabis expert. Her knowledge of cannabis therapeutics will put you on the right path to healing. And her advice can help you reclaim your health, sense of wellness, and regain your independence.

Our experts can give you the actionable advice you need now so you can start your therapy immediately.

You’ll finally get the answers you’re praying for.

Teara Roland and Dr. Knox can recommend the best medicine for your specific needs – what molecules, in what ratio, at what dose, and how often to take it.

Your fears and confusion will melt away.

Our experts will put you on the right track with what medicine works best for you.

This advice will springboard you forward so you can take action and buy the medicine you need.

Once you begin using this healing plant in its best form for you, you’ll sigh in relief.

You’ll start feeling better very quickly. And your body will begin to heal.
Use the time between Q&A’s to see how the medicine works for you and gain momentum.

If you have any concerns, come back and ask more questions. Again and again!

When you’re in this select group, you’re talking to an expert over several months to follow your progress. You’re not alone.

This LIVE Coaching Series is a shoulder on which you can lean.

But, we know you need help right now and can’t wait until our LIVE Coaching Series begins in January.

So, our Bonus Kick-off LIVE Q&A in December will get you started.

Talk to experts faster than it takes to get an appointment, and gain relief straightaway. Then our LIVE Coaching Series will start in January.

You’ll get another 2 LIVE Q&A’s in January, to consult with our MDs and make sure you’re on the right track.

You’ll have someone to lean on during this challenging time.

You’ll feel secure in the knowledge of our expert’s guidance.

This will give you the chance to start feeling better. So, you can relax to absorb these jam-packed resources at your own pace.

Remember, this is a process, and there’s some trial-and-error involved to get to your medicine just right.

And if you’re new to this healing plant, we always recommend you begin slowly and on a low dose to let your body accommodate to this healing medicine.

Come back in February for another LIVE Q&A!

Check-in with our panel of specialists and tell them how you’re doing and ask more questions.

Gain confidence in your medicine and healing process with this knowledge safely tucked under your belt.

Then each month, for 3 more months, you’ll have 3 more opportunities to follow-up with our experts.

That means, in March, April, and May, drop by again and state any problems you may still encounter. Or just let us know how great you’re doing!

You’ll get unparalleled support with this LIVE Coaching Series.

With these multiple opportunities to readjust your therapy and address any problems will surely speed your recovery.

With this stellar guidance, you’ll experience the positive effects starting in December. And by April, you’ll be kicking your heels together.

You’ll start to feel like your old self again. The worry and dark cloud clinging to you will dissolve away.

Keeping this on-going connection with our experts makes it easier to optimize your medicine and boost your progress. It allows you to relax and concentrate on healing.

There’s no pressure to understand everything all at once. And you don’t have to wait months for an appointment with a cannabis expert.

Your wallet will be happy because you’ll save thousands of dollars in specialist fees.  And we’re bringing our specialists right into the privacy of your home.

What can be easier than that?

We don’t want you to miss this chance to relieve your confusion.

So, in case you can’t make it on that day, you can send us your questions in advance.
As a member of the LIVE Coaching Series, you can hear every word again in a recorded Video.

Or you can read the Transcript available on your members’ site about one week later. You’ll also get the Key Takeaways for fast reference.

So start preparing your list of questions!

This revolutionary How to Make It Work For You Masterclass and optional LIVE Coaching Series will finally topple your “wall of confusion.”

This priceless guidance will help you make important decisions about your medicine with confidence and get you moving forward. You’re not alone!

And with the LIVE Coaching Series, you’ll get follow-up visits!!

Because we know many people need this valuable guidance, we’re chopping this investment to peanuts.

With our Early Bird discount for our Inaugural Members…

You’ll get all
SIX (6) LIVE Q&As with our Experts
for Only $97!!

Remember, each visit to an expert, costs about $400. That works out to 2400 bucks! And that’s not covered by insurance.

If you’re serious about improving your health and regaining the freedom to enjoy your life – then this is a no-brainer.

And to make it even easier on your wallet, you can choose
3 easy installments of $37 each!

You just can’t go wrong with this life-saving deal!!

So click the button below and sign up!

This is your ONE-TIME Offer right here. You won’t see this price again.

This is your opportunity for a fighting chance!

And with these ‘specific-for-you’ resources, you’ll discover what to do before running into problems. And learn about things you haven’t even thought about yet.

The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

With this knowledge, you can help family and friends who may have health concerns. Sharing what you learn here can make a difference in someone’s life.

Wouldn’t you love to give the gift of the truth and genuine, actionable information to someone you care about?

You can help improve the quality of life of someone whose suffering.

And I’ll be here with our experts during this process to help soothe your confusion, brick-by-brick.

And to get you on the fast track to feeling better.

Don’t forget, you’re getting these 6 LIVE Q&A’s plus the Bonus Kick-off LIVE Q&A, the How to Make It Work for You Masterclass and all the Bonuses.

Don’t hesitate. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did!

Click the orange button below and let’s bring down that brick ‘wall of confusion.’

You have nothing to lose with our 180-Day NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee.

We know you’ll be amazed by the mountain of actionable resources. Plus, the thousands of dollars in value to talk to our experts… 6 times! That’s SIX times!!

No worries if you’re not, let us know within 180 days and you’ll get your money back.

Take back control of your healthcare below, add the Live Coaching Series to your order and let’s get you on the fast track back to health!

LIVE Coaching Series


Only $97

  • 6 LIVE Coaching Sessions with our panel of experts
  • 180-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

LIVE Coaching Series


Only $37

  • 6 LIVE Coaching Sessions with our panel of experts
  • 180-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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