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Dear valued member,

When you don’t feel well, it changes your whole world.

You try to continue working and caring for your family and home. You try to do what needs to get done, but it gets harder.

Plus, dealing with what ails you becomes another chore.

A chore that swallows you like a dark cloud, invading every aspect of your life.

And the longer it drags on – you start to worry…

Your doctor suggests a treatment. But you hesitate.

Maybe that didn’t work so well last time. Or you’ve seen the devastating results when friends and family took the traditional route. Not so great.

So, when you learned medical cannabis produces miraculous results and can help you feel better… it was like heaven.

Relief is around the corner. But you hesitate again.

Are those clinging echoes of stigma? What will your family and friends think?

But, ‘doing nothing’ is worse. So, you’ve made your decision.

Okay, now what?

Where do you start? Who can you ask? Where do you go to figure this all out?

Your regular doctor either doesn’t know about medical cannabis, or he can’t talk about it. He may lose his license or his position from imposed restrictions.

So, you need a cannabis expert. But they’re hard to find or have long waiting lists. And they’re extremely pricey.

Will you take the all-natural route to heal?

Or should you combine conventional methods with the sacred plant? You’re out-of-your-depth. And you’re also not alone.

Many have hit this same ‘wall of confusion’ that paralyzed your progress.

In fact, we received 3,732 questions from those who are just as confused.

Are your questions amongst these?

The sure-fire way to topple this ‘wall of confusion’ is education.

So, we knew we had to help.

This outcry of confusion spurred us to develop something extraordinary to get you on the fast track to feeling better.

So we’ve got something very special planned for you.

Hi, I’m John Malanca.

I’m here with The Sacred Plant to get you moving forward. We’re going to help you figure out what’s the best cannabis medicine for you.

Most of you know my story.

Eight years ago, my father-in-law, Stan, was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer that metastasized to his brain. Stan had taken the traditional route with chemotherapy and radiation. But both had failed him.

Stan was starving to death from wasting syndrome caused by the chemo, and it would kill him before cancer would.

My wife Corinne and I were devastated. We began scrambling, looking for something to help ease his suffering since the doctors gave up on him.

But what you may not realize is that we, too, had hit a ‘wall of confusion.

Corinne and I researched like madmen, leaving no stone unturned, for something to help Stan.

By sheer fluke, we discovered that cannabis could improve appetite when taken in micro-doses.

All we hoped for was to ease his suffering and let him die with dignity.

Even though Stan’s life was at stake, we had to overcome a lifetime of stigma, even in the face of death. And broaching the subject with our conservative family was awkward.

But ‘doing nothing’ meant a painful death of wasting away.

Medical cannabis meant hope.

We didn’t know what dose to give. We didn’t know about formulations or any of that. So we took a shot in the dark, did some trial and error, and thank goodness we didn’t have any error.

As you know, this healing plant not only helped Stan’s appetite, but almost immediately, he showed significant improvement. Within months his cancer had disappeared, and Stan was his healthy energetic self again.

But we know we were very, very lucky. A great many others are not so lucky.

And to address this ‘wall of confusion,’ Corinne and I have spent the last 8+ years educating thousands of people globally.

And now with The Sacred Plant, we’re reaching millions of people, including you.

The internet is riddled with conflicting information, and you can’t get a straight answer. But together with The Sacred Plant, you don’t have to rely on luck.

So, let’s get you some answers NOW.

Finding Answers to Get Relief

And break down that ‘wall of confusion’ brick-by-brick so you can start feeling better.

Because, if you knew what type of medicine would work best for you…
Where and how to get your medicine…
How to prepare it …
How much and when to take it …
You could start healing and feeling BETTER.

So why are so many people standing where you are today, facing a brick ‘wall of confusion’?

Faulty ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach

Our medical model is broken. When you’re sick, you go to the doctor.

Your symptoms get the same pill with the same label instructions that your neighbor, grocer, mechanic, and the lady who lives down the street receives.

Our medical model puts us on a factory-line conveyor belt, where everyone receives similar treatment.

This is the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Our conventional medical model is designed to dampen your symptoms with band-aid chemicals. It doesn’t treat the root cause. It doesn’t bother to look for one.

It doesn’t cure anything.

And many of these chemical pills and treatments have devastating side effects and can cause other problems.

For which you need more chemicals.

You may remember Kristen Courtney, one of The Sacred Plant’s family. 

As a teenager, Kristen suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, bladder disease, and has had 14 surgeries. She spent 4 years in bed. Kirsten says,

“At one point, I was taking more than 40 medications daily to control the side effects of one medication. A lot of patients with Lupus, most of them die from heart problems from the medication.”

This system is faulty because it revolves around profit.

This model is designed to keep you sick and dependant on these chemical drugs… forever. Which leaves you in the lurch.

Most likely, you’ve seen the recent news results of lawsuits against Big Pharma.

Since 1999, there have been over 700,000 deaths from opioids. These drugs are harsh chemicals and alien to your body.

The sacred plant is all-natural and works together with your body to support homeostasis. And it’s a threat to Big Pharma and its billions in profits.

The mighty strength of Big Pharma is one main reason for the wilful obstinance preventing the sacred plant from being passed federally.

Reducing cannabis from a schedule-1 drug would open the gates to its access and research. I believe it will eventually pass.

Until that happens, you must stay proactive and keep up-to-date.

Kristen says,

“I started to study cannabis on my own, and I came across the endogenous cannabinoid system. To me, it made sense that all of the conditions that I had weren’t unrelated. They were all stemming from the same problem, my body’s inability to communicate with itself.

I started using the [cannabis] plant, and within about a month, you could see on the blood work that my Lupus and RA had gone into remission.”

Kristen realized that many of her conditions had a common cause. They were all linked to the endocannabinoid system. 

Once Kristen ingested phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant, her immune system was able to function properly, and her disease went into remission.

All of Kristen’s doctors didn’t know this. Or if they did, couldn’t or wouldn’t say anything.

Becoming educated about your cannabis medicine is the only way to make sure the person who cares most about your health – you – has the best information possible.

If Kristen hadn’t made an effort, she’d still be stuck in bed and suffering… instead of vibrant and enjoying life with her 3 young children.

Just ask Kristen if the effort is worth it.

With this treasure-trove of knowledge, you can work out the most potent medicine that’s best for your specific needs.

And that’s the difference between the old way and this better ‘new way’ of medicine.

Reclaim some of the power over your health back into your own hands.

Things are changing, and you’ve probably felt it too.

Medical Paradigm Shift

Relying totally on your doctor or medical professional can leave you uneasy. There’s a paradigm shift taking place within the medical community.

Doctors are pushed into a corner.

Western medicine has little to offer doctors to actually help cure their patients.

Many of these doctors are shifting their practice to functional and integrative medicine and a more holistic approach.

These include ancient remedies and therapies as well as modern science and deals with the whole body, mind, and spirit.

This all-encompassing field is proving much more successful. But, with still only a few experts in this field, it’s not easy to get an appointment. 

And at about $400 per visit, it can cost thousands throughout your treatment. Your insurance doesn’t cover this. That’s simply out-of-reach for many of us.

Even with the guidance of an expert, you must become knowledgeable about your medicine.

And I’ll tell you why…

New Era of ‘Measure-to-Fit’ Medicine

Cannabis Sativa is a major player in this new era of medicine. And because it’s still new, we regularly receive questions such as…

Can I use what my friend uses since we have the same condition? Or can I just use what my wife is using?

The answer to both questions is no.

You must customize this healing plant for your specific needs.

This is because you’re unique.

Your age, gender, weight, diet restrictions, medications, and medical history determine what cannabis medicine would work best for your situation.

Well, how are you supposed to figure that out?

We have two ways to help you with that…

#1: You’ll learn about the latest information in an easy-to-understand manner. So you know exactly how to treat yourself and your loved ones.

#2: We provide you with access to our cannabis experts so you can get your most pressing questions answered. This advice will help give you a jump-start on your journey to feeling better.

Without learning about your medicine, you’ll be reliant on experts forever, and that will cost you a lot of money.

This ‘measure-to-fit’ medicine has many variables that you must consider before choosing your best option.

Which formulation would work best for your body, medical history, and situation? What molecules? At what ratio? In what delivery method? At what dose? And how often to take it?

Knowing this will make it easier when you need minor adjustments to your medicine. And once you understand how this healing plant works best for you, it becomes easy.

This new era of personalized medicine is a good thing.

Because this healing plant is all-natural and has no harsh side effects. You can’t overdose. You can’t die from it.

And your body works in harmony with this healing plant’s molecules to improve your health.

Because if you know how to use it properly, the sacred plant is powerful.

New Self-Reliant Healthcare

Our present medical model hands us a bottle with a label telling us precisely what to do. In this new era, you need to be proactive about your treatment.

And education is the only life-saving and quality-of-life saving answer.

But it’s still a new world. And the Wild West of the sacred plant is gaining momentum. We’re pioneers of the medical application and potential of this healing plant.

But, we know you can’t wait 5 or 10 years until the science catches up.

So let’s break down that ‘wall of confusion’ so you can take action now. And help you regain the freedom to enjoy your life again.

Once you have these crucial resources in your hands, you can take the necessary steps for your healthcare progress, including prevention.

Prevention and Wellness

Many of us have medical conditions in our family history. These leave you genetically predisposed to acquiring these same conditions.

Using the sacred plant as a preventative measure has proved extremely effective. Many cancer patients in remission continue on a wellness dose to help avoid recurrence.

Because, as you probably recall, this healing plant enhances the immune system. We’re learning more about this healing plant’s potency as a medicine every day.

These comprehensive resources will help answer all your questions, especially if you want to use the sacred plant for prevention or as a wellness dose.

And if you’re a caregiver or helping someone you love – these resources are priceless. You’ll gain the vital insights you need to choose the most effective treatment for you and others.

Some New Discoveries

We’re just scratching the surface of the healing potential of the sacred plant.

There are some surprising benefits of cannabis for healthy people, especially how it could reverse the aging process.

One cannabinoid called CBN is an effective antibacterial.

And CBG is also a powerful antibacterial. As well as a neuroprotective and is exceptionally effective in treating Glaucoma.

And you’ll be surprised to learn that the sacred plant has incredible benefits for all senior citizens.

Dr. Gary Wenk is a professor of psychology, neuroscience, molecular virology, immunology, and medical genetics at Ohio State University and Medical Center.

Dr. Gary Wenk says,

“Neurogenesis is the birth of new neurons [in the brain]. That goes away as you get older. The loss of neurogenesis leads to depression and memory impairments. Cannabis reverses that. It doesn’t just stop the loss of neurogenesis – it restarts it.”

These are exciting times in medicine.

But we need to re-adjust our way of thinking of medicine.

Instead of getting band-aid chemical solutions that only suppress your symptoms and harm your body… think about healing. Healing naturally.

We all must learn and take a more active role in this new era of self-reliant healthcare.

And not blindly accept the ‘one-size-fits-all’ band-aid of a faulty system that causes more harm.

So, let’s dispel your worries and get you the answers you need now.

Make DEcisions With Confidence

You’ll find your answers in our How to Make It Work For You Masterclass modules starting which you can access completely on-demand

These modules will walk you through point-by-point, giving you the insights you need to make these decisions more manageable and with confidence. We’re here to get you answers to your questions… but not from any so-called “expert”.

Not every doctor can give you these answers, you need a doctor with expertise in medical cannabis to advise you.

While you may get advice from your local dispensary… or a doctor who took an hour-long training session and considers himself an expert… it won’t be from a qualified resource. 

You can try experimenting with trial and error methods, but why waste your time and risk making mistakes?

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to two successful cannabis experts in the field.

Meet one of our leading experts on medical cannabis

In this new How to Make It Work For You Masterclass, we’ve partnered with two leading authorities on medical cannabis.

Dr. Janice Knox M.D., M.B.A., is a board-certified anesthesiologist and a Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist. 

She’s also one of the founding doctors of The CannaMDs, the American Cannabinoid Clinics, and The American Cannabinoid Group, where she works with her husband and two daughters.

The whole family are doctors who specialize in cannabis medicine and are considered the “first family” of endo-cannabinology. 

Dr. Knox’s has extensive expertise, experience, and knowledge of cannabis therapeutics. She helps cure and relieve symptoms of chronic disease that traditional medicine has failed to conquer. 

As a cannabis medicine specialist, she’s counseled several thousand patients in cannabis therapeutics. She’s seen first-hand how significant a role cannabis plays in helping patients.

She can help you reclaim your health and overall sense of wellness, and renew ownership over your life. 

Dr. Knox has seen cannabis help patients as an adjunct to conventional treatment plans. And help patients wean from prescription drugs, find relief from the side effects of toxic therapies, or avoid traditional pharmaceuticals altogether. 

Dr. Knox’s professionalism and nurturing kindness have helped thousands of patients regain their lives – she can help you too.

Meet another of our leading experts in the field of medical cannabis

Elizabeth G. Dost, R.N., is a registered nurse and senior healthcare executive, with more than 20 years experience in the greater Boston health care market.

She is currently serving as a Senior Executive Consultant in Emerging Industries, most noticeably in Medical Cannabis.

Ms. Dost is the Clinical Director of the Massachusetts Patient’s Advocacy Alliance (MPAA) and in that role actively fights locally and at the legislative level for safe patient access to cannabis under the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana law enacted in 2012 in Massachusetts.

Her warm disposition and forthright manner will help put you on the fast track rails to recovery.

So, let’s break down your ‘wall of confusion’ and forge straight ahead.

Important Answers at Your Fingertips

It’s not too late to regain control over your health for 2020 and beyond.

This is the only program that gives you the three things you need to navigate the use of this healing plant as medicine successfully:

1. Access to top cannabis experts who specialize in using medical cannabis

Dr. Janice Knox and Elizabeth Dost can give you the expert advice and answers you need to every question you have.

2. Access to a patient advocate with 8+ years experience guiding patients

I’ll help guide you in your healing journey, making sure you get what you need to succeed.

3. Access to a community of like-minded patients

The coaching Q&A replay sessions will help give you answers to questions you didn’t even think about.

Plus, you’ll have the much-needed support of people just like you. A great support network is one of the top things all doctors recommend to their patients.

In the 5 modules of The Sacred Plant: How to Make It Work For You Masterclass, you’ll have these essential answers at your fingertips…

Live Now - Access on-Demand

Module 1: Our Inner Healing System And How The Sacred Plant Activates It


Module 2: How to Personalize Your Medicine


Module 3: How to Select Your Medicine


Module 4: How to Access Your Medicine


Module 5: Step-by-Step Instructions for Prevention & Treatment

This top-shelf-quality series will make all the difference in your progress.

What makes The Sacred Plant
my best resource?

Our job is to help you.

We’ve gone through the same thing you’re going through, not only with our loved ones, family, and friends but with thousands of our members.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Listen to what Felicia, one of our members had to say:

“Wow, this is what a terpene is. I didn’t know any of this. It’s one of those things where a lot of people get very excited about this knowledge. This is why we fight, and this is why we try to make changes.

So many people don’t have this knowledge. The medicine might be accessible to them, but many might be afraid, or it’s something new, and it’s something different and the stigma.

This is medicine. We’re trying to change the face of cannabis. It’s because of people like you [John] and me and the doctor and everyone else we can collectively change the face of cannabis if we start educating ourselves and talking about it.”

That’s why we’re continually building our data library about this healing plant. About its molecules, ratios, and dosages for specific ailments and diseases, and its applications.

We create easy-to-understand resources and guides and get them into your hands as quickly and as affordably as possible.

Our expertise will help tumble your ‘wall of confusion.’

Our goal is to help get you on the most comfortable path back to good health and vitality.

So, click the “Join Us” button to get started now.

You have nothing to lose with our 90-Day NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee.

We know you’ll be amazed by the professional detail of this bundle. But if you’re not, just let us know, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Your Concerns

We’ll also address concerns, such as…

“I don’t want to get high.”

[Medical cannabis is safer than prescription medications, especially those for pain. These medications are classified as narcotics and/or hypnotics and have harsh side effects. The sacred plant is natural, and you’ll never have to worry about dangerous side effects.]

“I’m worried about getting addicted.”

[Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not addictive. It’s possible you may experience a slight dependency at first, but over time your endocannabinoid system will balance everything out.]

“I’m concerned about conflicting interactions with my regular medications.”

[Cannabis actually improves the efficacy of other medications. That means that often times you can reduce (or eliminate) your conventional drugs when doing so slowly and methodically. For best results, take them at different times of the day to allow your body to assimilate one, and then the other.]

“I’m sensitive and/or afraid of bad reactions.”

[It’s rare to have adverse reactions, but they do occasionally happen, especially if you’re new to the sacred plant. That’s why we recommend that you start on a very low dose and increase it slowly, this allows your body time to adapt to this healing plant.]

“I don’t want to smoke.”

[Our experts don’t recommend smoking the sacred plant, it’s not an efficient way of absorbing its vital nutrients.]

“I’m worried about the quality and consistency of the product.”

[We recommend you ask for lab results before you buy. And we’ll explain how to read and understand them.]

“It’s not working or stopped working.”

[If your sacred plant medicine has stopped working, you will need to adjust either your formulation, delivery method, or dose. Our experts will show you step-by-step on how to approach this process.]

When you join us today, you’ll gain these 3 benefits…

Included with your access
to The Masterclass

Instantly access all 5 modules completely on-demand.

Get detailed answers to questions you never thought to ask to help you on the road to recovery immediately.

You’ll want to soak up every word in these information-packed episodes, but if you miss any, you can watch them again and again.

You’ll unravel that tangled web of confusion, fiber by fiber, and secure confidence in your understanding of this healing plant. These modules will help you figure out how to navigate your medicine.

These Takeaways & Index are irreplaceable for a quick reference when you want to look something up. Plus, you’ll also get this incredible Bonus Bundle – and you’ll get this bundle right away!

This spectacular 155-page illustrated book will be your go-to guide to understanding all the basics of what this healing plant can do for you. This book is indispensable. (You’ll also receive the audiobook companion).

You’ll see our cannabis experts in action!

  • Dr. Janice Knox M.D., M.B.A.
  • Elizabeth G. Dost, R.N.
  • Shannan Ajluni (New) – Shannon’s story will show you how the benefits of this healing plant are life-saving and life-changing. And the effort to learn about this healing plant is worth it.

  • Vanessa-lyn Mercier – “Vee” shares her research and journey on her personalized approach to treating her chronic pain, as she went from 30 pills per day to just one with the help of the sacred plant!

1. Dr. Chintu Sharma M.D. – Cannabis Expert.

Dr. Sharma is the Chief Medical Officer at the Society of Integrative Health Practitioners. This charismatic expert deeply cares about helping you.

“Cannabis may help, may improve, or may fix” your condition, and these are “small victories. Instead of watching people die, patients [on medical cannabis] are awake, robust, and feeling well.” – Dr. Sharma

2. Dr. Jake Felice N.D., L.M.P., – Cannabis Expert.

Dr. Jake uses his holistic expertise to help relieve your pain. He also uses his knowledge to teach other doctors and companies about this healing plant.

3-7. Dr. Janice Knox & Beth Dost, R.N.

The Truth About CBD

Reduce your symptoms with CBD oil; find out which ones in this report. Find relief with actual ratio recommendations for many conditions.

15 Myths & Lies About Using Cannabis As Medicine

This detailed report will help you resolve some clinging apprehensions and stigma by revealing the truth behind the myths.

6 Ways to Use Cannabis Safely as Medicine

This quick reference shows the best way to treat sore muscles and joints, and much more. If convenience is important to you, it shows how extended-release capsules can provide you with medicine all day or all night long.

We know you’ll secure valuable insights to smooth your road to recovery. But if it’s not for you, just let us know within 90 days, and you’ll get your money back. It’s that simple.

Harnessed Power

Once you’ve had a chance to learn from this incredible first-class collection, you’ll have harnessed the power of knowledge.

You’ll have the confidence to maneuver your way around your sacred plant medicine with ease.

You’ll have the knowledge and insight at adjusting your dosage or making changes as needed.

You’ll save thousands on specialist’s fees because, with this knowledge, you’ll be self-reliant.

You won’t have to wait months for an appointment with an expert to ask a question. You’ll have the answers at your fingertips.

Knowledge is power.

With this knowledge safely tucked away, you can help guide someone you care about with their health concerns.

This critical information is your life-line toward a better quality-of-life.

Too Important to Pass Up

The Sacred Plant: How to Make It Work For You Masterclass and all the Bonuses will regularly sell at a retail price of $399.

But, we know that when you’re sick and need medicine, finances are almost always an issue. And we want to get these critical life-saving resources into your hands and help everyone.

So we’re offering you the Masterclass
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This special pricing will be available for a limited time only. It’s our gift to you during this special Masterclass Preview Party.

You’ll get high-quality content in How to Make It Work For You Masterclass modules. And the top-tier Bonus Interviews, the Replay Expert Q&As, and detailed Bonus Reports.

You’ll keep coming back to refer to this prized bundle during your medical cannabis journey.

This opportunity is too good and too essential for you to pass up.

The How to Make It Work For You Masterclass is your best resource in getting you on the quickest path to feeling better.

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90-Day NO-RISK
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Remember, you have nothing to lose with our 90-Day NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee.

You’ll gain comfort and sigh in relief with the key guidance of our modules in How to Make It Work For You Masterclass and the valuable Bonuses.

No worries if you don’t, just let us know within 90 days, and you’ll get your money back. That’s our promise to you.

And we can still be friends. You can keep the 4 Interview Recordings as our Thank You for giving this a try.

Click the “Join Us” button below and help fight for your right to heal naturally and not just accept the devastating chemicals that are handed to you.

Let’s topple that ‘wall of confusion’ with answers NOW.

Improve Your Health Quickly

Once you know the most potent way to customize this healing plant for you… your health and well-being will improve quickly.

Today, 33 U.S. States and 49 Countries have legalized the sacred plant as a medicine to some degree. These numbers have more than doubled in the last 3 years.

The paradigm shift toward integrative and functional medicine is expanding quickly.

But we’re still in the pioneering stages of this revolutionary new world of healing.

Experts now incorporate mainstream treatments together with this healing plant because of its powerful immune-boosting abilities.

Their patients avoid the uncomfortable and sometimes destructive side effects of mainstream medicine by adding the sacred plant to their treatment regimen.

For example, chemotherapy can be a destructive treatment. It destroys both the cancer cells as well as healthy cells. The sacred plant helps prevent damage to healthy cells during this treatment. It also prevents neuropathy caused by chemotherapy. And it relieves associated nausea and pain.

This is just one example of the powerful effects of the sacred plant.

Some doctors don’t know enough about this healing plant or are not permitted to recommend it because of insurance or institution restrictions.

So you must stay informed and request it. If your doctor is not on board… perhaps it’s time to find a new doctor.

It’s your health, your quality of life, and maybe even your life itself that’s at stake.

Depending on the type of illness, location, and progress of your condition, you may choose to go the all-natural route.

This top-quality access will help you figure out how to optimize your medicine.

With this sacred information, you also have a valuable opportunity to share it. And help your loved ones, family members, neighbors, and colleagues that are experiencing health challenges.

NOW is your time-limited chance to get your life back on track.

Don’t Miss this Time-Sensitive Opportunity

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Become a Valuable Resource

So many friends, family members, and colleagues are getting conditions or diseases that this healing plant can treat.

By sharing what you know when a friend or loved one who wants to use CBD or medical cannabis could be pivotal to their treatment.

You may save someone’s life, possibly your own, by having unlimited access to this Masterclass and Bonuses. And by helping us bring vital awareness and knowledge to even more people.

How to Make It Work For You Masterclass and Special Bonuses are indispensable and aren’t available anywhere else except here at The Sacred Plant.

We get emails every day from people who have hit this ‘wall of confusion’ and are desperately seeking answers.

And we get emails every day from people thanking us for helping restore the quality of their lives.

If you or a loved one have hit this ‘wall of confusion’ and need answers NOW… please take advantage of your Inaugural-Exclusive Benefits.

You’ll be glad you did.

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One-Time Payment

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