My Father In Law Was Given 2 Weeks to Live…
After Giving Him THIS Controversial Treatment,
He’s Still Alive Today 8+ Years Later

And How You Too Can Use The Same Little-Known
Healing System To Heal Your Crippling Conditions

Fun Fact: It Wasn’t a Plant or a Pill that Saved Stan

It was a regular Sunday afternoon.

In fact, it was Superbowl Sunday.

I’ll never forget the date… it was February 6th, 2011.

I was home with my beautiful wife Corinne, and her parents, Stan and Barbara Rutner.

I was having a good-old time barbecuing when my father-in-law Stan comes up to me and says,

"I Have Something To Share With You."

The last thing I thought he would say was that he was sick.

Stan was, at that time, a healthy 77-year-old man who was very health conscious, he traveled the world and was enjoying retirement with his three daughters, grandkids, and I’d like to say favorite son-in-law 😀.

He Began To Tell Me That He Had Lung Cancer.

I was shocked and scared. My father had passed away  a year-and-a-half prior and all those emotions started resurfacing.

Stan chose the traditional route. He started on an aggressive chemo regimen.

He was weak and almost immediately started feeling dizzy.

He asked the doctor to scan him again and they discovered that the cancer had metastasized to his brain.

And so, he went right back into another round of… chemo and radiation.

And it knocked him down. And knocked him down to the point where was in wasting syndrome.

Full time oxygen, not just here and there, but 24/7 full time oxygen.

I remember he was just depleting as a human, and Corinne and I were worried to death.

And every time the phone would ring early, morning, noon or night, we just thought, “Okay, here’s that awful news.” And we didn’t know what to do.

He wasn’t eating and he stayed in bed all day with oxygen.

His Doctor Gave Him Weeks to Live
And Sent Him Home To Be On Hospice.

Corinne and I came across a study that showed 40% of cancer patients pass of malnutrition before the cancer takes over the body.

And so, we thought, “Great. If we can get some food into him, and use an appetite stimulate, maybe he’ll pass peacefully and not in the wasting syndrome.”

After extensive research, we found a controversial plant medicine that is known to stimulate your appetite and help you sleep… so we started giving it to Stan while he was in hospice.

Within 24 Hours, Stan Says “I’m Hungry.”

We were dumbfounded because he hadn’t been hungry for week.

So, we started giving him food. And by day two, day three, he’s still eating.

His complexion is coming back… his smile is coming back… he’s getting some energy… and he’s checking and responding to emails.

And we thought, “Great. He’ll pass peacefully.”

By day eight… he was completely off his oxygen and now shuffling around the house.

At Six Months, Hospice Fires Him As A Patient…

…because now he’s already been walking, driving, and walking into his oncologist appointment.

And it’s funny because his oncologist never, still today, eight and a half years later, still has not, I guess, agreed or accepted, I should say that the controversial plant had anything to do with this.

At nine months, he went to get scanned again and didn’t tell anyone he was going.

And our phone rang, it was a Saturday night, Corinne and I were lying in bed watching TV…

And we thought, “Oh my God”, here’s that dreaded phone call that we were afraid to receive.

And it was my mother-in-law, and we picked up, “Everything okay?” And so, she says, “Check your email.” And we jumped out of bed and checked our email.

And The Scan Came Back From Kaiser That Said...

“No evidence of recurrent disease.”

And talk about the tears of joy, and Corinne’s mother said, “You guys saved your father’s life.”

And I’m proud to say, it’s 8+ years right now, and Stan is still alive.

He’s had 18 or 19 lung and brain scans (knock on wood)… and they’ve all come back with no evidence of recurrent disease.

After seeing the life-saving experience with Stan… Corinne and I dedicated our lives to exposing, educating and empowering people on the healing benefits of this incredible healing plant.

6 Shocking Truths
You Must Know To Help Yourself & Your Loved Ones


There’s a global pandemic happening RIGHT NOW. The traditional solutions offered to us are causing us more pain than relief because Big Pharma NEEDS us to be sick in order for them to stay in business. And they will do anything in their power to survive.


Cannabis Sativa is one of, if not the, most healing plant because it works with your own inner Endocannabinoid System (ECS) for your body to heal itself.


By proactively activating and building up your ECS, you and your loved ones can build up your immune system which could prevent disease and bring balance to many of the other systems in your body to experience an overall feeling of wellness.


The laws are changing for legal and safe access to this plant after being inaccessible for 80+ years making it more accessible than ever before.


Medical cannabis is NOT a one-size-fits-all medicine. It’s not as simple as taking a CBD tincture or even a THC product thinking you’re good to go.


Very few people and even fewer doctors know who to use or recommend how to safely and successfully use medical cannabis to prevent, treat and even beat disease because its been hidden from us for nearly a century.

How We Can Help You

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Giving Back to Save Lives

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I know it sounds cliche but it’s the truth.

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Your health advocate,

John Malanca

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