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If you’d like to have the most recent, most up-to-date information about The Sacred Plant and how to safely and effectively use it to heal yourself and loved ones, then I encourage you to read every word on this page.

Because right now you have the unique opportunity to get unlimited access to a 7-part webinar series that’s having a positive, permanent, and profound impact in people’s lives. Let me ask you…

  • Are you unsure of what to do or how to use The Sacred Plant?
  • Are you concerned you might make the wrong decision in your prevention or treatment strategy?
  • Are you worried that making the wrong decision could have severe detrimental effects on those you love, or on your own life?

I know how this feels because my wife and I were desperate for answers for my father-in-law Stan when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and sent to hospice to die.

We never gave up on Stan. We turned to The Sacred Plant for help and eventually figured things out through trial and error, but it wasn’t ideal. And it took much longer than it should have. While we were searching for answers, Stan could have died.

When you are dealing with life-threatening disease, it really is a race against the clock. Every day matters because every day could be the last.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend months or years searching for answers like we did. That’s because we put together an in-depth 7-part webinar series called The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Explained.

This webinar series will answer your most pressing questions and guide you through the entire process of using The Sacred Plant safely and effectively to prevent, treat and even beat most conditions.

Here's What You'll Learn

This webinar series provides the most cutting edge information we have about The Sacred Plant right now. Here’s the complete listing and what’s covered on each webinar:

Webinar #1 – Understand The Basics: Common Terms & Uses

Webinar 1 dives deep into the important basics that you need to know, including all the common terms and uses of The Sacred Plant. This webinar sets a solid foundation for what you’re going to learn over the next 6 webinars.

Webinar #2 – Learn the Current Laws: Don’t Risk Your Freedom

Is The Sacred Plant legal in your State or Country? Do you wonder how to navigate local laws, state laws, and national laws regarding the use of The Sacred Plant? Two expert attorneys joined us for this webinar to discuss various state, national, and international laws, and brought much-needed clarity to this confusing topic.

Webinar #3 – What You Must Know: Common Lies & Misconceptions

Do you want to know for sure if what you believe about The Sacred Plant is based on real evidence… or misconceptions that have been repeated by friends, family, and the media? This webinar explores the lies and misconceptions that still exist about The Sacred Plant due to lack of education and the repetition of rumors, misinformation, and propaganda.

Webinar #4 – Proven Strategies: Not All Diseases Are Treated Equally

Every disease is unique and every disease requires a unique approach. For example, Cancer and Alzheimer’s are very different diseases. Would you approach them same way? Would you use the same treatments for both diseases? No, of course not :-). This webinar looks at proven strategies for treating different diseases based on how advanced they are and many other factors.

Webinar #5 – Quality Control: How to Tell the Good from the Bad

Since The Sacred Plant industry is so new, it really is the Wild West out there. There’s little oversight when it comes to manufacturing processes and labeling requirements. This webinar digs into some of the ways you can sort out good medicines from bad ones.

Webinar #6 – Be Empowered: How to Make Safe Choices When Choosing a Medicine

This webinar focuses on empowering you to take back your health and make good decisions. At some point you’ll need to get medicines either for you or a loved one. So how do you do that safely? That’s what this webinar covers. Not only that, we talk about how to safely store medicines, how to make your own medicines, and more.

Webinar #7 – New Cutting Edge Research: How It Will Impact You

As draconian 20th Century laws get rolled back, new research will unlock even more healing secrets that will help more people than we can imagine. That’s what we cover on this last webinar. It’s all about reexamining some of the key insights into The Sacred Plant, how it activates healing processes at the genetic level, and new applications that might be discovered in the near future.

If you or a loved one is in pain or you think you might be in the future, you will want this information so you have the answers you need right at your fingertips, right when you need it.

Even better, The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Explained also includes unlimited access to…

7 In-Depth Q&A Sessions

(One for Each Webinar)

Each of the webinars listed above has a companion Q&A session. That’s 7 additional Q&A sessions that include answers to 138 specific questions about treatment methods, dosing requirements, laws and regulations, and a whole lot more. (You can see more details about each Q&A session below.)

You’ll have unlimited access to all the Q&A recordings, transcripts, and more in the special Member Area.

What Kinds of Questions Are
Answered on the Q&A Sessions

Q&A Session #1 (1 hr, 36 mins)

In this first session, we cover questions about The Sacred Plant related to Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, Lyme disease, glioblastoma, chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, depression, ADHD, fatigue, mood disorders, and much more.

For example:

  • Will the Sacred Plant interfere with other medications you’re taking and to what effect?
  • What is the potentially ‘negative’ effect of sunlight?
  • What can you do to access The Sacred Plant if you’re not a US citizen?
  • How do you find information on health conditions, cancers and studies?
  • Are there different product options that won’t tax your liver?
  • How long does it stay in your system?
  • Why does geography/location matter?

Q&A Session #2 (1 hr, 22 mins)

In this session, Attorney Robert Molineaux joins us to answer the multitude of legal questions surrounding access to The Sacred Plant. While positive changes are happening rapidly as science and bipartisan support come together, it’s critical to know the governing rules on a state-by-state basis.

For example:

  • What are the laws and ‘qualifying’ health conditions in your state?
  • How do different state’s laws affect your ability to travel?
  • Can you take your lotion for pain on an airplane?
  • Can you mail your products to yourself if it’s legal in your state?
  • Will your insurance company cancel you if you use the Sacred Plant?
  • What is the difference between a recommendation license and a medical card – and how long is it good for?

Q&A Session #3 (1 hr, 33 mins)

Herbal medicine, and particularly the Sacred Plant, offers a holistic phenomenon called an ‘entourage effect.’ In this session, Mary Lynne Mathre, R.N., discusses its correlation to an ancient, but newly discovered system in the human body.

You’ll also learn things like:

  • How do you know which medicine product is best for your ailment?
  • Is the product you get in one state the same in another?
  • Does organic really matter?
  • Where do doctors get training for The Sacred Plant and how does it work with the body’s innate system?
  • If you don’t have access to consistent strains, how can you tell if it’s effective?
    Can you trust your dispensary?
  • How can you wean yourself off multiple pharmaceuticals while using The Sacred Plant?

Q&A Session #4 (1 hr, 23 mins)

In this session, we’re joined by Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Medical Director of a California-based medical practice devoted to educating patients about the use of The Sacred Plant for serious and chronic medical conditions.

Here are just some of the issues and diseases she addresses:

  • What is the best application for absorption, if this is an issue for you?
  • What if you have chronic liver or kidney disease?
  • What if you’ve had a transplant – such as heart, kidney, liver, or bone marrow?
  • Is it safe for your lungs in the case of scarring?
  • Can The Sacred Plant help with thyroid diseases?
  • Is there a best method of delivery for gut inflammation, Crohn’s disease, IBS, and other autoimmune conditions?
  • Is it beneficial for cardiovascular disease and/or blood pressure?

Q&A Session #5 (1 hr, 51 mins)

In this multi-faceted, complex, and newly forming industry, finding reputable labs for testing and analytics is a crucial element – especially when it’s your or your loved one’s life on the line. In this session, we bring Isaac Roth of Anresco Testing Labs in Northern California to answer questions like:

  • What are the risks in sending samples to the lab?
  • What kind of accreditation do you want to look for?
  • What kind of product or lab information is your doctor allowed to give you?
  • How can you identify the best lab for you and form a relationship with them?
  • How can you find out what pesticides are tested for in specific products or lab results?
  • How can you determine how much of the whole plant is in the product?
  • What is the best way to avoid GMOs in your medicine?

Q&A Session #6 (1 hr, 51 mins)

Our guests on this session are Diana Peña and Jeff Caliri from Myriam’s Hope, an Alternative Treatment Therapy organization that provides a safe haven for accessing life-saving and miraculous Sacred Plant products. Having worked with thousands of patients, they field questions such as:

  • Is there a set protocol for Parkinson’s disease?
  • Which extraction process will ruin or destroy valuable components in the Sacred Plant – and which processes will save them?
  • What guide, or resources, exist to inform the extraction process?
  • If you want to make your own oil, what is the best ingredient to use and in which quantities?
  • What are the main concerns and risks for novices trying to make their own product?
  • How can you self-test an oil product to be sure it’s genuine (and not just extra virgin olive oil)?
  • How do you know where to get started for treatment?

Q&A Session #7 (1 hr, 36 mins)

While science continues to confirm the healing benefits of the Sacred Plant, every person’s body is unique. Is there a way to take away some of the guesswork? This session’s guest is Len May, whose company, Earth Healthcare, matches you with customized products selected for you based on your specific lab results.

He answers questions like:

  • Is The Sacred Plant effective with neuropathic pain – and how can you open up neurological pathways?
  • What oil in the plant is best for anti-inflammation?
  • Can The Sacred Plant be used in brain injuries as an alternative to opioids?
  • Is severe and constant pain of arthritis treatable with the oil?
  • If it isn’t enhancing your mood, does it mean it’s not working?
  • Does The Sacred Plant work with both Type I and Type II Diabetes?
  • Is there a general formulation for men and women to help with aging and memory loss?

Of course, we didn’t do these webinars and Q&A session alone, we invited multiple experts to join us and provide their unique insights…

Here Are The Experts That Appear
In The Webinars And Q&A Sessions…

Steph Sherer

Americans for Safe Access

Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN

Patients Out of Time

Dr. Dustin Sulak

Integr8 & Healer.com

Dr. Gary Richter

Holistic Pet Vet & Author

Dr. Allan Frankel

Internal Medicine, MD

Dr. David Bearman

Cannabinoid Medicine

Dr. Chintu Sharma, MD

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Dr. Patricia Frye, MD

Certified Cannabis Clinician & Author

Greg Gerdeman, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, 3 Boys Farm

Len May

EndoCanna Health, Inc.

'Amazon John' Easterling

Plant Medicine Formulator

Jonathan Otto

Autoimmune Secrets & Bible Health Secrets

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Author, The Urban Monk

Nick Polizzi

Author, The Sacred Science

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Biblical Health Educator

Dawn-Marie Steenstra

Nurse Consultant & Educator

Elizabeth Dost, R.N.

Healthcare Consultant

Marlene Kinley David Kinley

Seizure Patient Dog Owners​

Glenn Lewis Catherine Lewis

Chronic Pain Patient & Caregivers

Shannan Ajluni

Cancer Patient and Parent, Autism Patient Parent

Olivia Newton-John

Cancer Patient & 4 Time Grammy Award Winner

Maddox Family

Epilepsy Patient Parent

Rebecca Gonzalez

Autism & Seizure Patient Parent

Mike & Kalli Hyde

Cancer Patient Parents

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Choose
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7 Webinar Videos

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7 Q&A Session Recordings

My wife Corinne and I, along with multiple guest experts, answered dozens of customer-submitted questions across 7 different Q&A sessions, one for each webinar. You’ll get unlimited access to these recordings.


14 Audios of the 7 Webinars and 7 Q&A Sessions

Get recordings of all 7 webinars and 7 Q&A sessions… 14 audio files in all. Listen while you drive to work, or when you’re out on a morning walk or bike ride.
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Complete Easy-to-Read Transcriptions of the 7 Webinars and 7 Q&A Sessions (Digital)

Don’t have time to watch all the webinars and Q&A sessions, or just prefer to read? You’ll get all 14 sessions transcribed for your reading pleasure.

Book Combined

Key Takeaways & Index of all 7 Webinars and 7 Q&A Sessions

Save even more time with our easy-to-reference Key Takeaways and Index for each webinar and Q&A session. Quickly find valuable information!
(Digital or Physical copy available)

BONUS 1: Extra Q&A Session

We also hosted an 8th Bonus Q&A session to round out the entire series. In this, Len May and Dr. Bonni Goldstein further answer questions surrounding The Sacred Plant, particularly in gray areas where the risks are greater.

For example, you’ll learn how to get started even if you can’t travel or relocate to another state… what to do if you have a young child who needs it… and the implications of combining it with other medications… and much more.

The recording of this Bonus Q&A Session is included automatically when you choose to own the webinar series.

BONUS 2: “Buy One, Give One” Free Buddy Pass

You don’t need to take this journey alone. Now, you can bring a buddy with you and help change, and even possibly save, his/her life. The more people informed, the more impact we can make.

When you choose to own the webinar series today, you’ll also be able to GIVE one (1) additional copy to someone you love, absolutely free.

Note: Your loved one will receive the exact same access and materials that you do. 🙂

The Cheapest “Insurance”
You Can Get…

When you think about it, this webinar series is like the cheapest “insurance” you have to help prevent, treat, and even beat serious disease.

If you are in pain or have disease right now, you now have information you can use immediately to heal and get your life back. And if you don’t have pain or disease right now, this information can help with prevention as well as healing if you do happen to have pain or disease later in your life.

In that sense, this webinar series is more than “insurance” — it’s an emotional comfort to know that you have clear direction if anything goes wrong with your health or the health of a spouse, child, or loved one.

So what exactly will you have access to? On a high level, you will have access to 22+ hours of life-saving knowledge and information — 15 separate recordings! — with 10 different doctors and experts who participated in the webinar series.

Think about it… A cancer diagnosis could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in co payments. Many other diseases could cost you tens of thousands even with “good” insurance.

But you won’t have to spend thousands for this information even though it could help prevent, treat, or even beat 32+ diseases. We’ve reduced the cost as much as we possibly can to give access to as many people as possible…

For a limited time, you can save as much as 30% and own the entire webinar series for as little as $147.

Just one payment unlocks all 7 webinars and all 8 Q&A sessions… the videos, MP3 recordings, and digital transcripts of all 15 sessions.

Plus, it gives a friend or loved one ALL the same materials you will receive… and even sends some much-needed financial help to nonprofits that specialize in helping patients get access to The Sacred Plant.

This is all yours when you order today.


Digital Download/ Unlimited Online Access

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Downloadable unlimited online access to the entire docuseries, extended interviews, key takeaways, bonuses and so much more (Including Unlimited Online Access for Your Loved One)



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This is what other webinar
participants have to say…

“Easy to Understand, Very Informative and Knowledgeable”

Thanking you for bringing this to the light. Nicely stated and easy to understand, very informative and knowledgeable.


“Thank You So Much”

Thank you so much for bringing this information to the world and help heal people with this plant God gave us !!! God bless you all !!!


“I’m So Impressed”

I’m so impressed with your webinar series John and Corrine! Your presentation is clear with a lot of good information. I’ll be looking forward to hearing more fun facts!


“Thank You Seems So Insignificant”

Thank you seems so insignificant for all your hard work and knowledge you have shared. But THANK YOU!!


“Making It Possible For Thousands Of People To Learn”

Thank you so much for making it possible for thousands of people to learn about the sacred plant. It is wonderful to think that we could really cure (or at least improve) some of our illnesses by using this wonderful plant.


So why are these people so thankful for The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Explained webinar series? It’s simple…

These webinars are jampacked with current, detailed information about The Sacred Plant that you can’t find anywhere else… information you can put to use immediately to heal yourself and your loved ones.

Giving Back To Save Lives

As you know, the advancement of the medical use of The Sacred Plant won’t be accomplished through mainstream research and big pharma funded facilities. It will be accomplished by the brilliant minds and scientists who are taking the risk of thinking and acting outside the box.

That’s why we’re donating a portion of the proceeds to two organizations that are focused on providing The Sacred Plant to people who can’t afford it, providing one-on-one medical consulting, and helping to change the laws so more people can access it. Here are two of the charities we’re supporting:

  • United Patients Group (UPG) is a trusted leader in The Sacred Plant for physicians, patients, and organizations. UPG acts as a virtual hand for patients, by helping them navigate through this ever-changing industry.
  • Myriam’s Hope advocates for patient care and alternative medicines, including oil made from The Sacred Plant. They also ensure the highest quality medicine for accurate dosages with no unwanted side effects.

Our goal is to donate at least $100,000 before the end of the year. Every package sold gets us one step closer to our goal.

Please know that when you support our mission, you’re supporting an organization that was built on the foundation of caring and giving.

It’s not often that you have the opportunity to help yourself and help a good cause at the same time. This is one of those rare opportunities. Even better, your investment today is protected by a…

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

You don’t need to decide now. We want you to rest easy 🙂 , so we’re giving you 90 days to try the Premium Package. We’re that certain you’re going to love it. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 90 days. No questions asked, and we’ll still be friends.

PLUS, you can keep the MP3 audios of the 7 webinars as our gift just for trying this out.


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Will You “Pay It Forward”?

We reinvested 100% of our profits (and then some!) from our initial airing of this series this past Spring. We reinvested all those profits to improve the webinars and reach more people.

The only reason you’re watching this webinar series and reading this page right now is because somebody else supported our mission last Spring… and we were able to use that money to reach you today :-).

And you’re not the only one… Thanks to our supporters, we’ve actually reached 189,732 new people who are now watching the webinar series for free.

As you can see, when we reinvest profits, we’re able to make a bigger impact, plus we’re able to support charities who are aligned with our vision and mission to make The Sacred Plant legal and accessible in all countries on Earth.

Just as our early supporters have “paid it forward” to reach you, it’s now your turn to pay it forward. You can do that by choosing to own the entire webinar series. Your support helps 5 different ways:

  1. It funds more research and more interviews with patients, doctors and experts
  2. It supports the creation of a new follow-up series with the most cutting edge research that deals with a wider set of conditions
  3. It helps to spread the word of this existing docuseries and webinar series to even more people
  4. It provides ongoing value and guidance to you and everyone else who has watched this series
  5. It builds momentum to get The Sacred Plant legalized for medical use worldwide

Furthermore, we donate a percentage of all proceeds to worthy nonprofits that are helping sick and underprivileged people gain access to The Sacred Plant to heal themselves and their loved ones.

Save Up to 30% When You Order Now

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with Love and Gratitude,

Your Host and Advocate
The Sacred Plant

P.S. You’ll get detailed answers to 138 questions about The Sacred Plant from 10 different experts. Choose the Diamond, Gold, or Silver package now to get FULL instant access to The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Explained.

What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined?

A: Our desire is for you to be able to share The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined with friends or family—or even your doctor! So all packages have a Buy One, Give One Free buddy pass:
  • If you order the digital-only Silver package, we’ll send you a coupon for a friend to create their own username/password in our membership portal with all the downloads.
  • If you order the Gold package, we’ll send you an extra set of DVDs.
  • If you order the Diamond combo package, we’ll send you BOTH the coupon and the extra set of DVDs!

A: It typically takes 6-8 weeks to receive your physical package.

We place one order at the end of the series to get the best price so we can reinvest more money into the mission.

We will ship the orders, first come, first send. Meaning that the earlier you purchase your physical package, the earlier you will receive it.

Please keep in mind that we’re not BIG PHARMA with endless streams of income, and we’re only able to produce what has been ordered, so please be patient with us as we produce, print, and ship your orders as quickly as possible.

We also know that you’re eager to get started, and this is why you will have access to all of the videos online as they air, and all transcripts, other interviews, and bonuses will be available as soon as the series finishes airing.

A: Our friendly customer support staff is here to help, and will gladly assist you and answer any questions. Simply go to http://support.thesacredplant.com and create a ticket, and someone will be get back to you right away.

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